Productivity is overrated…


This is rare in my house. Rare and treasured.

Sometimes the stars align and I have the house to myself. The husband is at work and the kids are at my parents’ house. When this happens, I typically plan out how to best utilize this precious time. No, I am not a spontaneous person. I am an optimistic and ambitious person. However, my follow-through could use a little work.

I had a to-do list this morning. It included such things as an early walk around the neighborhood, cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes, sorting through the endless pile of mail on my dining room table, maybe a load of laundry and (dare I dream) an inspiring and thought-provoking blog entry.

What I’ve actually done this morning: 1) took the dog out for about 5 minutes so he could do his business, 2) watched “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Seinfeld” (this is one of my favorite shows so of course I HAD to watch it), 3) ate chocolate.

Success? Debatable. But I’m totally okay with it.

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