Save Me, Daryl Dixon

I wait in the darkness. I can hear her in the next room. She doesn’t know I’m here. Not yet. But she will. Oh, she will. For now, I am patient and still. So very still so that there are no suspicious noises to alert her to my presence. No, it will be a surprise. She’ll never see it coming.


I am in heaven. I am in the middle of a Walking Dead marathon, thoroughly enjoying my favorite zombie slayers. I am propped up in the bed, surrounded by fluffy pillows and popcorn. My phone buzzes constantly as I am texting several friends, discussing plots and trying to predict what will happen to our beloved survivors. I am already thinking about the discussions I will have at work tomorrow with my band of fellow Deadheads. I am completely and totally in my element.

A commercial. Time for a bathroom break. I heave myself off the bed and pad barefoot down the dark hall. I reach in the doorway to flip on the bathroom light. A cold hand grabs my wrist. I hear a raspy growl in front of me. Confusion and panic flood my body as my heart thuds against my chest wall. I can’t breathe. I can’t think. I scream and flail my free hand until I hit the light, illuminating the bathroom.

My husband. My jackass husband.

I look at him wide-eyed, disbelieving. He is doubled over in laughter. I put my hand on my chest, willing my muscles to relax, willing my lungs to fill with air. He laughs and laughs.

He throws his hands up in the air, waving them in a damsel-in-distress fashion, and teases in his best mocking tone, “Help, help! Save me, Daryl Dixon!” He can barely manage it, he is laughing so hard.

“You… Jerk.” I am still trying to get my heart rate back to normal. As my fear fades, I am moving on to anger.

“Oh, come on. That was funny.”

“You almost gave me a heart attack!”

“You should have seen your face! Pure gold.” Still laughing.

I narrowed my eyes. Revenge will be sweet.

“Honey?” My breathing is almost back to normal. My heart is still racing.




Writing 101: Day 12 – Dark Clouds on the Horizon: Write a post with roots in a real-world conversation. Twist: Include foreshadowing.







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