Casual Fridays 3/13/15

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It’s that time again! This is Casual Fridays, my weekly chat post – no structure, no rules, no prompts, anything goes.  And check out my friend at Good Woman who is also joining in!

I have kind of lost my writing mojo lately.  I’ve been very busy with the kids and such and just haven’t had as much time to connect with my laptop or writing journals.  As a result, my structured writing has been limited.  I feel like a piece of me is missing.  I have made sure not to miss my weekly Friday post, though, as it at least keeps me connected to my blog once a week.

Spring has sprung! We have had glorious weather this week.  Lots of sun and warm temperatures.  It has elevated my mood greatly.  And thanks to the time change,  it was still light when I got home from work this evening.  Driving with my sunroof open, feeling the sun on my skin, music blaring – ah, it just makes me happy.  After a long day at work it really is an elixir for my soul.

At the moment, I am listening to my James David Carter you tube channel.  This beautiful man’s angelic voice is serenading me through my ear buds.  Yeah, I’m in my happy place.

I absolutely love to sing.  Loudly.  Alone.  In my car.  I have a terrible voice.  Seriously, the worst.  My favorite song to sing loudly in the car right now is “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.  My daughter, Caitlin Cate, rolls her eyes and shakes her head every time I sing it.  She acts all put out and tells me not to sing.  So I sing louder.  This is our little ritual and I love it.

Cate is also obsessed with babies.  She desperately wants me to have another baby.  She’s six so she doesn’t understand that it just isn’t going to happen.  It’s a shame, though, because she would be a rockstar of a big sister.  One of her favorite things to do is ask me questions about what she was like as a baby.  I can’t tell you how much I cherish these talks with her.  I get to reminisce and her little eyes just light up as she listens to the stories.

My older daughter, Kiera, just turned 11.  Despite the whole tween thing, this is a great age.  She is such a sweet and kind-hearted girl.  And an old soul, so conscientious and responsible.  She is learning so much and developing her own interests and opinions.  We had an event this week and I just couldn’t stop looking at her, my heart so full of pride.  Often as a parent, I have felt blind, trying to feel my way around in the dark.  I have questioned myself, agonized over decisions.  It is so much pressure raising a little person to be a good adult.  But lately, she has really made me feel like I am doing something right.  I know this is probably the calm before the storm – the teen years are coming – but I am embracing this time because it is pretty darn good.

The St. Louis Rams traded Sam Bradford this week.  As far as I’m concerned, Los Angeles can have them back.  Good riddance.  Sayonara.  In other news,  baseball season is getting closer.  STL is buzzing with excitement.  The boys of summer will be back soon.

Have a great weekend and week, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Casual Fridays 3/13/15

  1. Hi, Your girls sound absolutely lovely. You may be blessed and not have too many issues during the teen years–I had that good fortune. I agree with you concerning the extra daylight in the evening and I mentioned that in my post. I am with you as far as singing skills. Absolutely nothing here although I too have been known to belt out a tune, but usually with no one around. Have a great week–hope to see a little more of you in the blogosphere.

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