Casual Fridays 6/12/15

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It’s time for Casual Fridays – Saturday morning edition! Casual Fridays is my weekly chat post – no structure, no rules, no prompts, anything goes.  And please also check out Casual Fridays over at Helen’s blog, Good Woman.

Let’s get random…

So I’m a little late this week. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Friday was busy for me. I had to work and I had a job interview. Then I had a night out with my husband without  the kids (and parents, you know how precious that is).  I’m not going to call it a “date night” because two of my friends and I don’t like that term and we secretly laugh at our other friends on facebook who use it. So, what does a kidless night out look like after 15 years of marriage, you might ask? Well, last night it was a quick dinner and grocery shopping. (Again, parents, grocery shopping sans kids is awesome, am I right?). We’re not always that boring, I promise. But last night we were. I was also exhausted because I haven’t slept well all week. So I am pretty sure I was snoring by 10pm.

I’m not sure if it was my exhaustion but I had weird dreams last night. Have you ever woken up from strange dreams and thought “what the heck was that??” That was me this morning. My coworkers were all there and we were having some kind of party (which isn’t actually that unusual) but we weren’t at work. And there were other people there that I didn’t know. And then I was trying to get home to my parents – who had my kids – but I was stuck and couldn’t leave. Then at the end Blake Shelton showed up. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t invited. ha ha. The dream may have been a headscratcher but I do feel refreshed this morning.

Yesterday, I took the campus shuttle to the medical school campus for my interview. After I was finished, I got to spend some quality time at a very busy metro stop waiting for the shuttle bus to take me back to the biotech building. Very interesting. I love people watching. And there is no better place to people watch than a city metro stop. I did strike up a conversation with a fellow employee. We saw each others’ badges and commiserated on the atrocious shuttle system and the never-ending campus construction. It made me miss the main campus a little. I’ve gotten somewhat spoiled out in the cushy biotech building.

Summer has definitely arrived here in the STL area. It has been hot and humid all week. I’m not a fan of having to turn on my car a/c at 7am but I do love summer. I am trying to keep it all in perspective.  At least it is not ice and snow.

I have things to do so it is time for me to start my day. Life calls.  Have a good weekend, everyone!


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