Weekend Rewind 9/13/15

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Happy Sunday! That means it is time for the latest installment of Weekend Rewind, my weekly chat post – no structure, no rules, no prompts, anything goes.

Let’s get random…

So I realize that if I am going to change the name of my weekly feature to Weekend Rewind, then I need to develop a new graphic. That’s my new project for this week.

Let me just mention work and get it out of the way. I actually had a great week. It was not as busy and I actually caught up with all of my paperwork. That’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to jinx it.

The worst part of the workweek was my morning commute on Friday morning. I was in fairly thick traffic moving along at a good clip when an 18-wheeler jack-knifed about 3 cars in front of me. I saw the truck’s cab swerve toward the median and hit the guardrail and then all I saw was brake lights and cars coming to a screeching halt. Blind panic took over for a few seconds (amazing how things like that seem to happen in a split second but somehow also seem to move in slow motion). Amazingly, no one hit the truck. I managed not to get hit though the car next to me in the right lane got rear-ended. As the chaos settled, people slowly started to get out of their cars and check on each other. We made sure the truck driver was okay and began to mill around and survey the damage. After I came down from my adrenaline high, I started to think about how lucky we all were that things didn’t turn out much, much worse. I am so thankful that there were no serious injuries.

We had a glorious fall weather weekend. It was crisp and cool with beautiful blue cloudless skies. It was a promise of what is to come. It was a perfect weekend to break out our firepit and roast hot dogs and s’mores. I know some people move to Florida or California or Hawaii to live in perpetual summer but if I could I would move somewhere where I could bask in perpetual sweater and football weather.

In our first football weekend, the Rams managed to beat the Seahawks. Color me surprised.

The school year is plugging along. Our first parent-teacher conferences are already in just under two weeks. We spent some time this weekend working on science with my sixth grader. She is studying the scientific method and creating hypotheses (and independent variables and dependent variables). She is a straight-A student and she loves science but she has been slow to warm to these concepts. I think we made some progress, though. Caitlin, my second grader, is looking forward to the fall field trip about a month from now. I already have the day off work so that I can go. She also went all week without a checkmark for talking!

We had a housecleaner come to our home on Saturday morning to give us an estimate on her services. I am hesitant to hire someone to clean my house. She used to work for my dad cleaning at the school and she is the mother of my husband’s homecare client. She has a great reputation so I am not worried about that. And she is very affordable so that is not my problem. Hiring a cleaning lady is admitting I need help and that, to me, is a fail. I feel like I should be able to be superworker and superwife and supermom and get it all done. But with my work hours and my dwindling energy level, I have a hard time keeping up with the cleaning. After all, I live with two small humans and a man (therefore the equivalent of three children), none of which are very good at cleaning up after themselves. Oh, and then there’s the hair machine dog. The amount of hair in my house borders on insane. So I am considering hiring this woman. It would let me spend more time enjoying my family. That is how I rationalize it anyway.

I have another short workweek this week because I am off work Friday for a dentist appointment. But guess what came up for Saturday? A bake sale for Girl Scouts. So guess what I will likely spend my day off doing? Baking. Packaging. Pricing. Is it worth it? Yes, definitely. We are raising money for our camping trip next month. This is the same camp that I went to as a scout eons ago. The girls will get to do archery and horseback riding. They will get to hike and sleep in cabins and eat s’mores around the campfire. So I will bake my little heart out.

Have a great upcoming week, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind 9/13/15

  1. I’m glad things weren’t too bad regarding the wreck. I travel two days a week and I have seen some real dangerous situations along the interstate. There are so many semi-trucks on the interstate, but that is a necessity of life, we just have be careful. Enjoy your baking. 😊

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