Weekend Rewind 9/27/15

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It’s Sunday and time for the latest installment of Weekend Rewind, my weekly casual chat post – no prompts, no rules, anything goes.

Let’s get random…

Once again, I did not update my graphic for this feature. Readers who have been around here for any length of time are not surprised (and new readers are wondering why a feature called Weekend Rewind has an image that says Casual Fridays. Welcome to my quirky world). Anyone want to start taking bets on how long this task will take me to complete? I did actually pick a new image and then I fell into the time-sucking vortex known as Pic Monkey. Result: nothing got accomplished. Stay tuned.

The big news of my week is that I was in a car accident Friday morning. Correction: I caused a car accident Friday morning, which is something that I have never done before. It happened in front of the hospital where I work, in a large intersection as I was turning onto the street that leads to my parking garage. I was turning left through that intersection, yielding to the oncoming traffic. When my light turned yellow, I thought the oncoming drivers also had a yellow and they appeared to be slowing down. So I turned left to beat the red light only to get T-boned by a BMW. I spun completely around and came to rest on the street perpendicular to where I started. Before my car had even come to a complete stop, I was cursing myself for making such a stupid mistake that was going to have implications not just for myself but for the other driver as well.

Chaos ensued as this happened in a high-traffic area. Police and security officers showed up immediately and went through the protocol of making sure no one was hurt, moving the cars out of the way, directing traffic around the wreckage.  Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. The BMW has all front-end damage. I was hit on the passenger side, rear panel. I must have been jarred to the right on impact because all of my bruises are on my right side. My right elbow is swollen and covered in a large, nasty purple bruise. I also have bruises on my right upper arm and my right hip. Otherwise, I am fine. I stood on the sidewalk and called my husband. Then I called my insurance company to start a claim, get a tow truck, reserve a rental car and pick the repair shop that would restore my car to its pre-accident glory. I did all of this while the police gathered our information and took statements. I felt so guilty as all of the activity went on around me. I just kept thinking that all of said activity – the hassle and inconvenience – was all because of me. It took close to two hours to get it all cleared up.

After work, a coworker gave me a ride to Hertz to get my rental. I drove the rental across the street to the body shop. I met a really nice mechanic named Brian. He asked me if I was okay before he even mentioned my car. He gave me the hefty estimate of the damages, assuring me that it was all cosmetic and amazingly, the frame and structure of the car appear to be good. He even told me that I might be sore the next day and recommended taking some advil. Brian thinks my repairs will take three weeks. Until he is finished working automotive magic, I will be driving my rental with Texas plates… a Toyota Yaris (insert the 😐  emoji face here).

So here are some things that I am thankful for this week:

  • good auto insurance
  • while two cars have significant damage, the people involved do not
  • the accident happened when I was alone and not when my kids were in the backseat
  • people who treated me with kindness and didn’t make me feel like a total idiot

In other random news, I had parent-teacher conferences this past week. My kids rock. I have a presentation in three days and I finally got to work on the slides this weekend. I cannot wait until that presentation is over. I am counting the minutes. The eclipse/blood moon thing has made my cat and dog lose their minds. It is almost October!

Have a great upcoming week, everyone!


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