Weekend Rewind 11/1/15


After a brief hiatus, it is time once again for Weekend Rewind, my weekly chat post – no rules, no prompts, anything goes.

Let’s get random…

Look ya’ll, I have a new graphic! I know it looks similar to the old one. I could have spent a year experimenting with all of the options in PicMonkey but I decided to just get the job done (and I really like the polaroid effect frame). I love the new picture because it says “rest and relaxation” to me. And isn’t that what weekends should be about?

Life has been insanely busy lately. And stressful – which means that my anxiety has been on level code red. Work has pretty much been a constant. Same old, same old. My husband switched jobs and that is always stressful. The car accident continues to haunt me. My car was totalled so I have been dealing with my insurance company and my lender and filing for GAP. We also had to buy a new car (actually, used car) to replace the one I wrecked. And we all know how stressful that is. I also went to court on 10/21, the date that was printed on my citation. I arrived only to find out that my name wasn’t on the docket because the officer didn’t “enter my ticket in the system.” Yes, that is a thing apparently. So now I am awaiting a new court date. So I will have to take time off work and go through the whole nerve-wracking experience again.

On to better things… I wrote a post about my recent camping trip with my girls and their scout troops. This turned out to be a very relaxing, special and much-needed break from reality. I truly did not want to leave on Sunday and return to the real world.

Halloween… October in my house is also known as “candypalooza.” We have two high schools in my little midwestern town and both have traditional midwestern Homecoming parades in October. Also, as the month winds down, Halloween parties and trunk-or-treats abound. And it all ends with the mother of all candy holidays: Halloween. We have so much candy in our house it looks like Willy Wonka, Hershey and Mars all threw up in there. My kids had a blast last night. My younger daughter dressed up as a lion. My very talented mother sewed the costume. My older daughter dressed up as a fortune teller. I took the younger trick-or-treating and the older spent the night at a friend’s house. Both came home with pumpkin buckets brimming with the good stuff. We also had great trick-or-treat weather: no jackets!

We turned our clocks back last night. I like DST in the fall because an extra hour is always welcome in my busy schedule. I slept in this morning and loved it (after I fell back asleep after being woken up by a 7 year old at 6:43 am). What I don’t like about DST in the fall is that my entire evening commute will now likely take place in darkness. Not only is it depressing but my night vision is pretty poor and driving in the dark is no fun. It is just one more step toward winter and that is no bueno.

Today officially kicks off NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo! Are any of my friends participating this year? Brave souls. I would like to do NaNoWriMo, but I just don’t want to add one more thing to my list of failures. I know I don’t have the time and I’m not prepared. Maybe next year. I would like to try NaBloPoMo and it is a much more reasonable goal. I also signed up for Writing 101, thinking that that could help keep me on track with a daily posting goal. For those who know me, I can hear you laughing behind your screens. I know, I’m crazy. But maybe I could make it work!

Have a great upcoming week, everyone! And keep writing!


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