Day One: Why I Write

Writing 101: Day One: Why I Write

Why do I write?

As I watch the cursor blink and try to organize my thoughts, I ask myself this question frequently. While I love to write, I am not a professional writer. My demanding and stressful counseling job and my long commute claim most of my waking hours. My kids claim most of the rest. If you’re keeping track, the slice of my life’s pie chart that is available for me and my hobbies (i.e. writing) is quite small. This is why my blog sometimes goes neglected and writing projects go unwritten. Finding time to write is no easy feat. It would be easy to give up.

I write because it is my creative outlet. While I have always been a science nerd, I have also always loved to create. As a child, I loved to draw and create ads. As I got older, I loved to create music. Then I found my passion for story-telling and the written word. Like paint splashed on a canvas, words can make images, provoke thought and stir emotion. They can transport you to other worlds. They can be an escape.

I write to connect with others. Writing can be very personal and sharing personal things is scary. Every time that I share a piece of fiction or poetry I feel incredibly vulnerable. But when something I’ve written touches another person it is rewarding and fulfilling. There is no gain without risk.

I write because it gives me a voice. I have things to say and stories to tell. Ideas and characters swirl around in my brain – sometimes simmering, sometimes clamoring to get out, always infused with my heart and soul. Putting them out there means that I am heard.

I write because it makes me happy. Whether it is cleansing or cathartic, it brings me peace. Ultimately, I write for me.


11 thoughts on “Day One: Why I Write

  1. I love this and totally relate to squeezing in precious writing time between work and family responsibilities. I am so glad to have you in my blogging community. I love reading your stuff!

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