Day 4: Nope

I tried. I really did.

I looked at the four images and nothing struck me. I revisited them through the day, waiting for inspiration to strike. Nada. I looked at the website and scrolled through all of the pictures – some very beautiful pictures – but could not stir my muse.

I thought about going back to the day 2 assignment that I skipped. Again, uninspired.

The well of creativity is dry today, friends.

I even thought about skipping today completely. The whole #NaBloPoMo goal was pretty ambitious for me anyway and fairly unrealistic. But failing on November 5th – less than one week in – would be too embarrassing.

So I am following the “write something, write anything” rule. A post about my inability to write a creative post is still a post.


10 thoughts on “Day 4: Nope

  1. Lol- love it. Sometimes it’s just doesn’t come to you. That’s just the way it goes. I usually have that problem when I have a looming deadline, the inner procrastinator won’t let inspiration strike until the 11th hour. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It’s like my brain just has no desire to finsh something well ahead of schedule lol. Anyway- good for you for getting something out there for the day!

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    1. Thanks. Procrastination is my enemy also. I tend to let ideas simmer during the workday and then I start second and third guessing my ideas so that by the time I sit down to write in the evening I have completely messed myself up. Then it’s the eleventh hour and I freak out.

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  2. I didn’t find a photo that I liked from the selection either. I went to the suggested site Unsplash and found so many it was hard to decide. On the plus side , you still got a post out of it! Good job!

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