Weekend Rewind 11/8/15


It’s Sunday! That means it is time once again for Weekend Rewind, my weekly chat post – no rules, no prompts, anything goes.

Let’s get random…

It is a bright, sunny afternoon. Sunshine has been in short supply here lately so we are enjoying the rays. We watched the Rams/Vikings game (so we did a lot of yelling at the TV) after having a relaxing morning.

I did a little shopping yesterday with my girls. My older daughter needed a medium-weight jacket, she gets cold at school and now that the weather is a bit cooler she wanted something a little heavier. She is definitely a basic girl, she likes gray and muted colors (nothing bright) and is picky about the fabric and fit. We tried a few places with no luck and then happened to go to Sam’s (for other things) and found the perfect jacket. My younger daughter, on the other hand, loves brightly colored clothes. She found some leggings that were quite loud – bold, colorful prints – and fell in love with them. Those girls are so different in so many ways.

Speaking of Sam’s, my kids LOVE that store. They get so excited every time we go there because of the food samples. They go from kiosk to kiosk and eat. It’s actually pretty great because then I don’t have to buy them lunch. Ha ha.

We also watched Inside Out yesterday. Finally. What an awesome movie. It made me cry, of course, in true Disney fashion. It must have had an impact on my younger daughter because she came to me today in tears, out of the blue, and said that she said mean things about me (and her dad and sister) in her head when she was mad. Apparently this upset her and she felt the need to confess. So I normalized it and we even talked about the character Anger in the movie. We talked about “inside” thoughts and also how to express those thoughts in a constructive way. Deep thoughts for a Sunday afternoon.

My kids are also starting Christmas lists. It can’t almost be that time already, can it?!

How are my NaBloPoMo friends doing? I have posted every day so far but I have been pushing midnight a couple of times and I’ve also had a couple of “fluff” posts (in which I did zero writing). And how are my NaNoWriMo friends doing?

Have a great upcoming week, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind 11/8/15

  1. Deep conversation for a Sunday indeed, but it’s a good one to have. I haven’t seen inside out, so I honestly know nothing of it- except that I need to see it now. Glad you found coat (and leggings) at Sam’s. Lol about the samples- so true.

    I asked Joey the other day what he wanted for Christmas and he said Legos, hot chocolate, and cooked apples. The cooked apples are our Christmas morning tradition. And I’m assuming the hot chocolate is for a family movie night that evening lol.

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  2. Inside Out is so great! Our family isn’t super at “feelings” conversations and that movie has given us a way to get started.

    We are a Costco family, but it’s the same experience. Our weakness is always pajamas! They have such adorable ones there.

    Happy Sunday and congrats on making it through the first few days of November posting! It’s great to see you around.

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  3. Isn’t it a great movie?! I think it will be a springboard for conversations in many families.

    Cute pajamas are the best. Our weakness at Sam’s is food 🙂 And books.

    The daily posting has been challenging, but good. It is nice to be around and interact more. Congrats to you, too!


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