Day 7: Finding Inspiration in Social Media

Writing is not hard. It is actually quite easy. Writing well? Now, that is hard. Editing? Even harder.

I do agree with this tweet, though. Only I would say that it applies to writers of all levels and not just novelists. As a struggling writer, it is so natural to read a great book and think “how did that author make it look so easy?” That is because the reader doesn’t see the author’s blood, sweat and tears that go into every step of the process from idea to publication.

I think many writers are also their own worst critic. I know I am. I am super critical of everything I write and even more critical of material that I share with others. It is pretty common for me to write something, love it, share it on my blog, start to second guess myself and then have that gut-wrenching feeling that everyone will hate it. Then I read amazing posts on other blogs and think “why can’t I write like that?” I am secretly envious of many bloggers here whose writing skills I feel exceed my own.

So, yes, I believe writers do secretly or not-so-secretly feel this way at least some of the time (and some of us a lot of the time). It’s the nature of the beast. While these thoughts may be fueled by insecurity, I feel they also serve to light the fire of motivation and make us strive for improvement.


6 thoughts on “Day 7: Finding Inspiration in Social Media

  1. I think we are all so brave exposing our work the world. I also suffer from the same self-doubt, I too am critical of my own work and praise others. But I agree that it is this insecurity that drives me too. Sometimes you have to work with anxiety and not against it.

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  2. Editing is a never ending cycle of “oh this sucks,” rewrite, “oh this sucks,” rewrite, “oh this sucks,” did it really suck in the first place? Yes? Repeat. Thank goodness for the few phrases that come out inspired and stay that way. I love your stuff and am so glad you keep writing!

    (Wait, did that suck? Should I rewrite?)

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  3. I think anytime you put anything out there that involves a piece of you- writing, making, cooking, sending kids out into the world- there is always panic thinking it won’t be well received. I don’t know that there is really anything that can be done to change that. When you send out something that is a part of you, the very idea that it will be rejected is the same as you personally being rejected. It’s hard. But so worth it at times.

    I personally LOVE your writing. Your fiction always seems so real- like I’m sitting there in the room living the moments instead of reading them. Keep putting little pieces of yourself out there- you’re something special.

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  4. Thank you so much, Violet! Thank you for your encouragement and friendship. You’re pretty special too 🙂

    I think that is why it is so hard to take rejection and not take it personally. Writing (and other forms of creating) is just putting pieces of yourself out there. It IS personal.


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