Day 9: Balance

Deep in the park, the running path called to me in the early morning silence.  The air hung heavily with overnight chill, an almost-haze that would soon dissipate when warmed by the rising sun.

I was the first one there, happy in my solitude.

I slowly stretched my legs, the resistance shaking the sleep from my muscles. My shoulders clicked as I extended my arms over my head. I strapped my phone into my arm band and nestled my ear buds into place. The silence suddenly filled with music, racing beats that made my body want to move.

I ran, slowly at first and then a bit faster as my body hit its stride. I fell into an easy, fluid rhythm. Each time my feet met the pavement, I felt more in control. I became conscious of my increasing heart rate and the blood pumping through my veins. Part of the music now, I moved in sync, coordinating movement and breath. Inhale. Exhale. Rhythm.

The cool air left a pleasant burn in my lungs. I could feel my mind clear, becoming fertile ground for ideas. My thoughts were sharp and focused. I let my brain wander and explore. Create.

After my run, I returned home for a shower. The water washed away the sweat but my body remained energized, motivated. My muscles were still singing with electricity. I settled into my writing spot and tried to capture some of those ideas that were born on the running path.

A/N: I haven’t ran in a while actually. Not since I threw my back out this past spring. I miss it. It was such an invigorating way to start my day and it would always jumpstart my creativity.

Today’s assignment:

Day 9: Writing and Not Writing

What do you do when you’re not writing? How do you reset and return to this dashboard refreshed? What do you need in your day-to-day life to maintain balance?


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