Halfway through


November is halfway over so that means NaBloPoMo is halfway over. I have mixed feelings about that. It has been so challenging and I have wanted to quit so many times. Quitting would be easy. So in many ways I am looking forward to the end of the month so I don’t feel the pressure of obligation. 

On the other hand, that obligation has made me dedicated and motivated my stubborn side. I don’t want to fail. That alone has kept me writing and posting on days where I wanted to do anything but.

This has been a good experience because it has made me write more… even though I question the quality. Writing anything is better than writing nothing, right? It has been a stressful experience because many days I have written out of guilt and fear of failure… at the eleventh hour, under the wire.

All I know is I am looking forward to taking a day off on December 1.


11 thoughts on “Halfway through

  1. Congratulations for your efforts!

    However, be careful to not overdo it.
    You may get stressed.

    Good thing is the project has an ending date.

    Be strong and try to relax, ok?
    Good luck!

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