Kid Humor

Living with two girls is… interesting. At 11 and 7, they can’t seem to decide if they are best friends or mortal enemies. They get along sometimes, but they annoy each other most of the time. One reason for that is that they are total opposites in personality and temperament.

My 11 year-old had a project spread out around her on the floor. Everything was in neat, meticulous piles. Everything was just so. Cue the 7 year-old. She came stomping into the room , bringing her special brand of energetic chaos to her sister’s ordered little world. Piles scattered and the 11 year-old’s temper flared.

“Hey! Who do you think you are? The queen bee?!” Oh, the preteen drama.

The little one looked at her, flicked one of her eyebrows and put her hand on her hip. She slowly smiled at her sister and said “Buzz, buzz, baby.”

Endless entertainment.


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