Weekend Rewind 11/22/15


It’s Sunday! That means it is time once again for Weekend Rewind, my weekly chat post – no rules, no prompts, anything goes.

Let’s get random…

We had our first really cold snap of the season. Our temps got down to around 20 degrees overnight. We, thankfully, did not get any snow but I know many of my friends were not so lucky (or were lucky, depending on their opinion about snow). I had to break down and turn on our central heat and now every time it kicks on I hear the cha-ching (dollar signs) sounds in my head.

My dad turned 65 on Friday. Today we had a party and my girls picked out the cake and ice cream. The cake had a picture of a deer on it and the rest of the cake was camouflage with green and hunter orange trim. They love their grandpa so much. Friday was also my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday. Two milestone birthdays on the same day!

I’m excited for next week because 1) it is Thanksgiving and 2) I only have to work two days next week (Monday and Tuesday). The break is much-needed. My in-laws will be travelling from South Carolina to visit for Thanksgiving. We have lived here for 10 years and this will be only their second trip to visit us. I was kind of surprised when they said they were coming, especially with my mother-in-law’s accident last year I thought the long trip might be difficult for her. So we will have guests for at least a couple of days next week. I am only slightly stressed about that – the excitement of a work holiday is trumping the family stress.

It was another football Sunday here. We watched the Rams lose to the Baltimore Ravens (sigh).

Only about a week left in November, NaBloPoMo’ers! We are in the home stretch!

My girls are playing hide-and-seek with stuffed animals. The person that hides has to made the sound of their animal. This makes them easy to find so I’m not sure the purpose. But my seven year-old made the rules so go figure.

Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!









2 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind 11/22/15

  1. I hear ya on the children’s games lol. I sometimes watch them for a good while trying to figure out what the point of a particular game is only to realize I’ll never understand it. But they enjoy their made up fun and I guess that’s the point.

    Happy birthday to your dad and bil, I’m sure he loved his cake from his sweet field.

    Enjoy the break! And bleh to the cold snap, it got to 28 I think here last night, burr it was the first night the little heaters we have right now really struggled.

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