November 30!


It’s the last day of November! NaBloPoMo is over!

Congrats to all of my friends who attempted or completed NaBloPoMo or NaNoWriMo. I applaud you all!

While the commitment seemed like torture at times, the whole point was to get us writing. I feel like I had several “cheat” days but I did post every day. I did not do as much fiction writing as I  wanted to but the blog writing was more beneficial than I expected. At least I was thinking about my blog every day. With the posting obligation, I had to actively seek out ideas and mine for creative material – even when I didn’t want to. Discipline and dedication are good practice.

It was also great to spend more time in the wordpress community reading and connecting with other bloggers. This is such a supportive place and there are so many unique voices to be heard.

Goodbye, November, my old friend. I will try not to disappear in December, but I am fairly certain I will take a blog vacation day tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “November 30!

  1. Congrats! You are awesome! We are awesome! November is over. I loved having your posts to help me come up with ideas when I was struggling. Take tomorrow off, but don’t be a stranger.

    (I think it’s interesting that we both found out fiction suffered.)

    Yay Amie!!!!

    1. Yay Johanna! WTG!

      My fiction definitely suffered. There just wasn’t enough time. I would also pop over to your blog to see what you were writing about so thanks for your inspiration. There’s strength in numbers!

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