Weekend Rewind 12/20/15


Weekend Rewind is  my weekly casual post to chat and catch up. No prompts, no rules – anything goes.

Let’s get random…

I haven’t posted in two weeks. I’m sorry that I missed Weekend Rewind last week. I actually did start the post last Sunday night and then a power surge knocked out our internet. So I tried but was foiled by an act of God. So I spent the evening watching a marathon of Impractical Jokers. Then I thought I could finish the post the next morning. But the next morning was Monday and work was very busy. Monday turned into Tuesday and I just gave up.

Things have been more hectic as we get closer to Christmas. Amazingly, I did finish my shopping. I started at brick and mortar stores and finished up online. Amazon is magic, a modern-day wizard that can conjure up my every wish and desire. All gifts have arrived and my only remaining task is wrapping.

I had a glorious day off last week for my younger daughter’s school holiday program. I look forward to this every December. This year, the second graders were rock-and-roll-snowmen. The other grades were pirates, kids in pajamas and hip-hop reindeer. It was an adorable program with lots of energetic songs and choreography. I also got to attend her classroom party that day, gaining a new appreciation for anyone who teaches young children for a living without becoming an alcoholic.

Last night we took the kids out driving around town to look at Christmas lights. We have a local house that does an over-the-top display that draws a lot of visitors. He has a ton of lights and unique inflatables. He even comes out and greets the cars dressed as Santa and gives the kids candy canes. We also saw several houses with the Light Shower display – the thing that just projects lights onto your house. It is simplistic genius and I think we may have to look into getting one next year.

Last night was a clear night so we were actually able to see the stars (which we haven’t been able to do much lately). I was able to easily spot my favorite constellation, Orion.

My girls are having a music battle on their electronic devices. One is playing Adele and the other is playing Florida Georgia Line.

I feel like the only person in the US that hasn’t seen the new Star Wars movie.

I only have four workdays left in 2015… two this week and two next week. Bliss.

Have a great week, everyone and Happy Holidays!




2 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind 12/20/15

  1. Lol without becoming an alcoholic. No kidding! The program sounds adorable.

    So glad you’ve finished shopping. I thought I was finished, now I think I may venture out for one more thing… Eek we’ll see if I feel like dealing with the crowds lol.

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