Weekend Rewind 1/3/16


It’s time for Weekend Rewind – my weekly casual post to chat and catch up. No prompts, no rules – anything goes.

Let’s get random…

It’s my first Weekend Rewind of 2016! Happy New Year to all! Whether you rang in the new year out on the town or at home in your pj’s, I hope that you celebrated in a way that made you happy. My new year’s eve was pretty typical. I watched movies with my girls all evening. My husband worked until 10 pm so he joined us then. My kids were able to stay up until midnight and we watched the countdown on tv. Quiet, casual and just the people that I love the most – perfect.

Our rivers have crested and the flood waters have receded considerably. All major interstates are open in St. Louis so my commute tomorrow should be uneventful (not that I want to go, I absolutely do not). In my neck of the woods, we had a couple of levee breeches and our local bridge to Illinois is still closed. Things are improving quickly, though.

My husband started working at the nursing home again in October. He works a lot of hours and he is on his feet his entire 8 hour shift (or 16 when he pulls doubles). He also does a lot of lifting. As a result, he has lost a lot of weight. He was about 220 lbs when he started and he is about 185 now. He also recently started going back to the gym and training. I can really notice the difference, he looks great. I am really proud of him. He has type 1 diabetes and he is 41 years old. Getting in shape is very important for his health. Since he started taking Adderall last year, I have seen a focus and motivation in him that I never saw before. This has now extended to his fitness. As happy as I am for him, I wish some of his determination would transfer to me. I am just hoping that my pants fit tomorrow morning after my holiday foodapalooza. I am not a resolution person, but I do want to find an exercise program that I can successfully follow (and stick with) given my back and joint pain. I am researching yoga.

We had our girl scout cookie kickoff today. This is the annual event to get the girls excited and ready to start selling cookies. Our sales start Friday (1/8). We had a great turnout so it was successful. Cookie time as a girl scout leader is stressful. I dread it every year. It is our main fundraiser, though, so it is a necessary evil. I do love those cookies. I need to start calculating how many squats I need to do to burn off 20 boxes of thin mints.

Speaking of cookies, my older daughter made cake mix cookies Saturday completely by herself. She mixed them, dropped them on the cookie sheet, baked them and put them on wax paper to cool. She even washed the dishes and wiped the counter. I love that she wants to do things like this and I love the confidence that it gives her. She is a talented young lady. She made a second batch on Sunday and got creative by putting rolos in the middle. If anyone is interested, here is how to make Kiera’s famous cake mix cookies: Mix one box of cake mix (flavor of your choosing), 1/3 cup vegetable oil and 2 eggs. Form dough into one-inch balls and roll in sugar. Place on ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 350 (325 for dark or nonstick pans) for 9-11 minutes.

Have a great upcoming week, everyone!



4 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind 1/3/16

  1. Hey, happy new year! After your last post and telling you it was dry and hot here- yesterday we got a HUGE deluge. Our long parched and dessicated dam is now 1/3 full and our tanks are both close to the top (we are on rainwater here). One of my goals currently is to get back into yoga! I too have joint issues that I know it will fix. If you want tips on sticking to resolutions/goals, check out my recent post! Just a suggestion since you mentioned it- honestly not a shameless plug. Have a great year!!

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