Weekend Rewind 1/17/16


It’s time for Weekend Rewind – my weekly casual post to chat and catch up. No prompts, no rules – anything goes.

Let’s get random…

January has been hectic, friends. My husband has a new work schedule which has taken some adjustment. The kids are always busy. My work has a life of its own. Stress has stealthily moved in, unpacked its bags and become quite the unwelcome guest. I have been taking some time and distance, trying to set things right in my own home and fortify relationships.

We saw the new Star Wars movie recently (in 3D, which I highly recommend) and I absolutely adored it. As a casual fan of the franchise, I have to say J.J. Abrams scored a home run. I was so impressed with Daisy Ridley (Rey). Rey reminds me so much of my antagonist in my current WIP (or at least how I imagine her to be).

St. Louis is no longer dealing with flood waters but we are now saddened by the loss of our Rams. The NFL team owner, Stan Kroenke (or StanK, as we call him here), finally got his way and moved the team back to Los Angeles. StanK never really wanted to be in St. Louis and has done nothing to ingratiate himself to this city or the fans. We supported the team whole-heartedly, like St. Louis sports fans do, and loved them despite their dismal play in recent years. We continued to fill the seats even when the team was nothing but a big bunch of suck. When StanK started talking about moving back to L.A., St. Louis responded by putting together a proposal for a billion dollar stadium. In the end, none of it mattered. StanK wants to be in the land of sun and money and celebrities so he can line his pockets with more dough. He is even spending his own money to build a new stadium in L.A. I’m sure that the Rams will do well there at first. They will be the shiny new toy. But if they continue to suck (and they probably will), they will lose their luster and the L.A. fans will quit supporting them (like they did 20+ years ago when their then-owner brought them to St. Louis. Irony much?). In St. Louis, we are moving on and shaking off StanK’s terrible lies and accusations and looking forward to the beginning of baseball season.

It is the freaking middle of January and we still have our Christmas tree up.

Our local store had a tiny display of Cadbury Easter candy earlier this week. Normally I hate when stores put out holiday candy two or three months before said holiday, however Easter = Cadbury mini eggs = my weakness. I am craving those things something fierce. The display only had the tiny bags (single serving bags? What the devil?!) so I bought a couple, hoping that the bigger bags would be on the shelves in a few days. I was at the store today and the display is gone and there is no Easter candy. None. There is just Valentine’s Day candy. What fresh hell is this? Was the small display just a teaser? I am now stalking this store and as soon as the mini eggs hit the shelves I am stocking up.

Lastly, this week brought the sad news of the passing of Alan Rickman. He was a true chameleon, a talented and versatile actor. From Dogma to Die Hard to Harry Potter (and so many others), he never failed to portray his character perfectly. I will probably most remember him for Severus Snape, such a complex and heartbreaking character. He brought a little bit of magic to the screen. Always.

Have a wonderful upcoming week, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind 1/17/16

  1. Alan Rickman- I was so sad to hear of his death. He always did such a beautiful job bringing his characters to life. One of the greats.

    Ok the plight of the Easter candy had me laughing out loud. What a tease!

    Sorry things have been stressful, time to give the unwelcome guest the boot I’d say!

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    1. I’m glad the candy story was entertaining 🙂 I feel like an addict scoping out the store waiting for the mini eggs to come out but I need my fix!

      I was so sad about Alan, too. Celebrity deaths don’t often affect me but his did. He was brilliant and will be sorely missed. I hate cancer so much.

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  2. Amie! You had some edge this post. I liked it. I feel your pain with stress moving in. She’s here too and not really welcome. Your rant about the Rams was great. Hang in there and keep writing!

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    1. The whole thing with the Rams was so hurtful because StanK lied about the city for his own gain. Despite our problems, we are a great sports city and supported his team even though they sucked and even though he was a jerk. But we are not as big and flashy as L.A. But here I go ranting again so I will stop 😉

      I hope you are able to evict stress. She’s a terrible houseguest.


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