Weekend Rewind 1/31/16


It’s time for Weekend Rewind – my weekly casual post to chat and catch up. No prompts, no rules – anything goes.

Let’s get random…

Two weeks until the return of the Walking Dead, everyone! February 14th! Is there something else going on that day? It sounds familiar. I have a hot date with Daryl Dixon that night and that’s all I’m focused on.

We are currently on Flu Watch 2016. My husband came home this morning after pulling the night shift at the nursing home and said that the flu is sweeping through the facility. He wore a mask and washed his hands obsessively but we all know how viruses work. It’s a matter of time. I armed myself with Lysol and went to battle around the house – faucets, handles, light switches all sanitized. I preached soap and hand sanitizer to the kids. I won’t go down without a fight.

I continue to stalk my local stores for Cadbury mini eggs. I am still egg-less. Cadbury execs, you really should market them for all holidays and not just Easter. I know you also release them at Christmas (though I had a hard time finding them this year – and thank you to my good friend, Violet, for sending me some!) so I know you get the idea. You could make pink/red/white ones for Valentine’s Day. Red, white and blue for Fourth of July. Orange and Black for Halloween. It’s an easy concept, the M&M people have figured it out. Take notes from the Peeps people, also. Get cracking, Cadbury. #Minieggsallyearlong

My older daughter, Kiera, is quite crafty. She got a sewing machine and sewing basket full of goodies for Christmas. She has made several things. She also loves youtube craft and DIY videos. Yesterday she made dominoes out of construction paper and also an arrow shooter with which to knock them down. Then she made a cool origami bird.

Speaking of my kids… there is a lot of sibling rivalry between my two girls. They bicker a lot and they are always making sure that one doesn’t get more or do more than the other. For example, if I ask them to throw some trash away, all hell breaks loose if one has more pieces of trash than the other (and don’t think that I don’t take advantage of this when it is housework time). Being an only child, this is a foreign concept to me and honestly, it drives me a bit bonkers. My husband, the oldest of three children, assures me this is normal sibling behavior. Yesterday, we were making cookies. After mixing the dough, I gave them each a beater to lick (yes, I am THAT mom that risks salmonella to let my kids act like kids). The little one was standing next to me and I reached over and stole a little bit of dough off of her beater as a joke (and because raw cookie dough is the bomb). Cue jealousy from older daughter. She actually whined, “No fair! Take some dough from me, too!”

Anyone excited for the Superbowl next weekend? I don’t have a horse in that race so I’m more excited about the snacks and the commercials than the actual game. I am kind of iffy about the halftime show. Coldplay is okay but then they added Beyonce. I’m probably in the minority but I’ve never been a fan of hers. So tell me, are you rooting for Denver or Carolina?

Have a great week, everyone!




9 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind 1/31/16

  1. So. Many. Comments. To. Add! So I’ll just list them lol!

    – I really, really hope the flu stays far away! We’ve had an awful stomach bug going around co-op so I totally hear you on the preaching for soap and hand sanitizer- yuck yuck yuck!
    – The mini egg plight of 2016 is really making me laugh. But you’re right- Cadbury- pay attention to M&Ms, Peeps, Reese’s, and all the others!
    – That’s really pretty funny about the whining that you didn’t steal any of her cookie dough- kids. They’re a constant source of entertainment and intrigue.
    – I love when kids are crafty- it’s so fun to watch their minds work and come up with thing to try.
    – Rooting for Denver here. We love Peyton. But I mainly watch for the commercials. I’m not a huge Beyoncé fan either- although might I add that she is so well known that my spell just automatically adding the accent over the E in her name… either way- I really don’t care either way for her.

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    1. You guys fared better beating the flu than we did. Thank you so much for helping with the mini egg plight! Crafty, creative kids are great. Go Broncos!! We are rooting for them too. I mainly watch for the commercials, too. Did you see that Bruno Mars joined the halftime show? I’m excited about that and hoping he upstages Beyoncé.

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  2. We will not be enjoying snacks at the Afthead house on Superbowl Sunday because we are from Denver and huge football fans and our stomachs are already tied in knots. My husband and I have little hope of a win, but then, we didn’t think they’d beat New England. My daughter is calmly informing us that of course they will win, just like she did before the AFC Championship game. She’s a true fan. I really hope we have a Superbowl win to celebrate Sunday, because my daughter keeps saying, “Mommy, I mean I’ve NEVER seen the Broncos win a Superbowl.” Yeah kiddo, it took me 23 years to see them win one. GO BRONCOS!!!

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