Today’s daily prompt: Longing


On this cold, dark day of my winter

I long to stand on the waterfront of my youth

with the sun warming my skin

and the breeze blowing my hair.

I long to cast stones with the carelessness of those earlier days

and let them skim across the water.

How I long to watch their ripples once again

through the eyes of innocence.


A/N: Kind of fitting for today – my 42nd birthday! Not that I am in my “winter,” but you know how folks can get sentimental when they turn a year older.

Also fitting: that beautiful young lady in the photo is my daughter. My mini-me in many ways, I love to see things anew through her eyes.

For those of you who missed Weekend Rewind last weekend, I apologize. Life has been distracting me this week but I should return this weekend.


10 thoughts on “Longing

  1. Amie! Happy happy belated birthday. It is no wonder I adore you so much. You are a 3/3 birthday? I will be 42 on 8/8! Only 5/5 separates us! I hope you got buckets of Cadbury mini eggs and that this year all your hopes and dreams come true…or at least a couple of them!


    1. Yes, I am 3/3! Wow, you are 8/8? How cool! No wonder we have so much in common. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I did actually get some mini eggs. What a coincidence that they always come out right around my birthday!

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