Weekend Rewind 3/6/16


It’s time for Weekend Rewind – my weekly casual post to chat and catch up. No prompts, no rules – anything goes.

Let’s get random…

Two signs that the weather is getting warmer in my little world: 1) my garage door doesn’t stick in the morning and 2) my seat warmers don’t come on automatically

We have a two-car garage. The opener on my side is ancient and in desperate need of replacement. When it is below a certain temperature (about 32 by my estimation) and I hit the button to open the door, it opens about 3 inches and stops. Then I have to hit the button again and the door closes and reopens. If it is super cold, the mechanism may stick twice – requiring three button pushes. So my kids and I have jokingly referring to days as one-push days (warm), two-push days (cold) and the dreaded three-push days (so cold you might as well go back to bed). I can’t tell you how glad I am to see the start of one-push season. (Sidenote: The opener on my husband’s side is newer. The light works when you open the door and the mechanism doesn’t stick. It’s paradise on that side. He keeps offering to switch sides with me. I refuse because I used to use that side. There is a tree at the edge of the driveway on that side and you have to back around it when you exit the garage. If you back straight out you will hit it – I know this because I have hit that damn tree twice. So I stay on the other side of the garage with an opener with no light that sticks in the cold weather.)

I bought my current car last October (after I totaled my other car). Given the mild start to our winter, it was sometime in January before I noticed that the driver’s seat warmer comes on automatically when you start the car if the outside temperature is low (again somewhere in the low to mid-30s). The first time I was a little alarmed because I couldn’t figure out why my bottom was getting so warm! Then I saw the little icon on my touch screen and when it repeated the next morning I figured it out (I am not a morning person, my brain moves slowly before 8am).

Last week was a stressful week for me. Things are not resolved so I don’t feel right divulging the details at the moment… but it has to do with a certain church (that I don’t even belong to) and it’s stance against a certain youth group with which I am heavily involved. I hate confrontation but I hate injustice even more. When kids are involved, the mama bear instinct tends to come out in full force. So while I wanted to avoid the whole mess, I just couldn’t. Have you ever been thrust into the middle of a dilemma that just seems wrong on so many levels? Have you ever just wanted to go to the people in charge and shake them and give them a piece of your mind? Make them see that the only ones they are hurting are the ones they say they are trying to protect? My instinct is to fight but I know deep down that it will be useless. I feel so powerless.

On a brighter note, tonight is our annual Girl Scout banquet. All of the troops in our town (service unit) attend. There is a catered dinner and leader recognition and most importantly, girl recognition. The troops perform skits and things get all kinds of silly. This year’s theme is Scouting Around the World. Each troop was to pick a country and plan their table decorations and skit around that country. Our troop picked Egypt. The whole reason is because we wanted to do a skit with Walk Like an Egyptian (for my younger readers: Bangles, 1980’s – you must youtube it). Skit is set in a museum and the mummies and Egyptian statues come to life and dance to the iconic pop song. The girls are totally into it and have worked really hard on it. I can’t wait, it is going to be epic.

I went to a party on Saturday and actually had a good time. My husband made me go because he wants to be couple friends with his coworker and her husband. To say that I did not want to attend this party would be a gross understatement. I tried to think of every excuse known to man to get out of it. Introverts, you understand me. Luckily, everything went well. I feel like an elementary schooler that deserves a ribbon: “I played nice with others!” or “I was social today!”

Have a good week, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind 3/6/16

  1. I’ll have to find you a nice “I socialized today!” ribbon lol. Glad you enjoyed yourself though!

    I had to laugh at the one push, two push, three push days paragraph- I ended up reading it out to Joseph as he was leaving for work lol. I think we are all welcoming one push season back with open arms! Although that does mean we will need to get an ac in this place soon! Yuck!

    The whole situation you found yourself in recently just frustrates me so much. I sincerely hope a good solution (or better yet some sense finally gets used) happens soon.

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    1. I try to find humor in the little things. The garage door is one of those things.

      Ah, yes you guys will need a/c soon. Another project.

      I hope we can find a resolution too but I don’t think common sense will prevail. It is incredibly frustrating.

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  2. I spent last week on a work trip with the biggest bunch of extroverts I’ve ever encountered. I wanted a sticker that said, “be kind, I’m an introvert.” Every night, after being with these people from 8 a.m.-9:30 p.m. I’d get a “why are you leaving?” Uh, because I am tired of talking and socializing and smiling.

    Your unresolved situation sounds miserable. I think kid based conflict is the hardest. My husband and I are soccer coaches for our daughter’s team and I am amazed at how often (every single season) we end up with issues. Good for you for being willing to be involved and entering the fray.

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    1. The work trip sounds exhausting. It is hard to be social for that many hours.

      Kid related drama is tough. I volunteer because I love it but the stress is a bit much at times. This particular issue has been very difficult. I’m sure between the kids and the parents coaching soccer is challenging.

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