Weekend Coffee Share 5/30


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I know, it’s Monday. It is a long weekend due to the Memorial Day holiday so I am off work. So technically it is still the weekend to me.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how busy I have been. This would not be news to you, of course. With the end of the school year and all of the craziness that comes with it and the never-ending need to bring work home on the weekends, time escapes me. I missed our coffee date last weekend. It would have been easy to skip it this weekend as well. Like going to the gym, the longer one is away the harder it is to go back. My blog has been neglected. In the last month, my only posts have been our coffee share. My writing has been back-burnered yet again. I am thankful, though, for our coffee time because it keeps me connected and gives me a reason to stop in here and blog a bit.

My older daughter bought a harmonica at Barnes and Noble on Saturday. She is picking it up quickly. She only knows one song so far but she has been working hard to perfect it. I have heard that song no less than 200 times in the last day and a half. It is Jingle Bells. It is like Christmas in May here at my house.

I have one quick story from my week. On Wednesday, I was on the interstate heading to work when I got a flat tire. It happened right at an exit, so I veered right off and pulled into a gas station. Flustered, I called my husband but he was over an hour away. I called the roadside assistance service through our insurance and waited for help. I sat fuming, thinking about all of the work I needed to do and patients that would have to be rescheduled. I wondered how long this would take, if the tire could be fixed or if it would need to be replaced, if I could drive to work on my spare and deal with this after work. My mind was on fire with the gazillions of ways that this was a major inconvenience. While waiting for the roadside guy, a kind man came over to my car and offered to put on my spare so that I could drive somewhere to fix my tire. What luck! We opened the trunk and lifted the covering to find… no tire. No jack, no lug wrench, no spare tire. Where all of those things should be, was an air pump machine. We stared blankly at it, confused. The man was a good sport, he tried to hook up the machine and inflate my tire. While this machine would have done a bang-up job inflating an air mattress, it failed miserably with my tire that was flat as a pancake with a large hole.

When the roadside assistance guy showed up, he confirmed that there was nothing he could do. We couldn’t get enough air in the tire to drive it to a repair shop and there was obviously no spare to swap out. So I was stuck. And I was angry. Then I had to wait for a tow truck. Yes, I had to tow my car to fix a flat tire. My flat tire occurred at 7:15 am. At 10 am, my car was finally hauled into the shop. The place was busy, so I waited nearly an hour and a half for the repair. The auto center was attached to a walmart store so I had plenty of time to browse and wander. I think somewhere the powers-that-be were telling me to slow down and breathe, even if they had to force me. It all worked out fine in the end. The tire was fixable (for only $10!), my insurance covered all of the roadside and towing costs and I got a lot of alone time that morning. I finally arrived at work a little after noon.

So, my PSA of the day is check your trunk! Make sure you have a spare tire. I had no idea this was a thing, but apparently some newer model cars (especially Dodge/Chrysler) are forgoing spares for air pumps. Who knew.

If were were having coffee, what would you tell me?




Weekend Coffee Share 5/15


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If we were having coffee at my house this morning, you would find our house in the typical Sunday morning routine. Tarzan is playing on the tv (Disney is our weekend morning staple), my 7 year-old is sitting next to me playing snakes and ladders (chutes and ladders) on the tablet and my 12 year-old is whining about being hungry. It is pretty much status quo.

We are counting down around here until the end of school on the 25th. My older daughter has two field trips next week and the younger daughter has swim/park day next week. The field trip on Monday is to the zoo. They are going to divide the kids into groups of 7 or so and let them explore the zoo without adults. The adults will be stationed at entrances and various points around the park. Now these are middle schoolers who have made the A honor roll all year to qualify for the trip so they are somewhat responsible kids… but I would be lying if I said it didn’t concern me a little. I know she will be fine but it is still a little scary. She is so excited, she’s been talking about it all weekend.

Today is our last Girl Scout meeting of the year before we disband for the summer. We are going to fly kites and have an ice cream social. Honestly, I am ready for the break. As much as I love the girls, helping to lead two troops is not always easy and it is a time commitment. And sometimes the parents are a bit much. It is a great experience for my girls so I am not complaining… but yes, breaks are good.

Now my daughter is playing Crossy Road. Have you seen this game? It is FROGGER! They have totally ripped off Frogger.

We are interviewing someone at work for the other counseling position so I may actually get some help soon. This would make my life much easier. She is our only viable candidate so I am really hoping she is good. Fingers crossed.

So what has been going on with you this week? Chat me up!


Weekend Coffee Share 5/8/16


It is time again for weekend coffee share (hosted by Part Time Monster). Join in by creating your own coffee share post with the tag weekendcoffeeshare and/or add to the linkup here.

If we were having coffee, we would wish each other a happy Mother’s day. I would listen to you tell me about your day and your family. We would commiserate about the hustle bustle of life with kids but agree that we are truly blessed. I would tell you that my girls got me a beautiful leather-bound journal and pens. They also got me this adorable little flowering plant in a ladybug planter. After cleaning the house this morning, we had a relaxing day and went out for ice cream.

I would also tell you that I am on day FOUR of a headache and I am about to go crazy. I have taken various meds over the last few days – some have helped and some haven’t – but the headache always comes back. Today my whole head is congested so I think I am getting a cold. Or maybe it is allergies. I can never tell the difference.

I would also tell you about Mayfest weekend. In our little town, Mayfest is a big deal. There are carnival rides, lots of great food, a parade, a craft fair, bed races, pie eating contest and live music. We marched in the parade Friday night with the girl scouts and spent several hours there Saturday with the family. It was really hot and so we didn’t stay all day. Of course we stayed long enough to get a funnel cake!

I need to run. It is getting late and I may scrounge up some sinus meds to see if I can relieve some of this pressure in my head before I try to sleep. Have a great week and let’s meet for coffee again next weekend!

Weekend Coffee Share 5/1/16


It is time again for weekend coffee share (hosted by Part Time Monster). Join in by creating your own coffee share post with the tag weekendcoffeeshare and/or add to the linkup here.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how glad I am to see you. It has been a LONG week. I value quiet Sunday mornings and our time together.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about how I survived my new doctor appointment. I was very nervous to go because, despite being a healthcare provider who gives patients advice every day, I have not had a regular doctor or routine wellness exam in seven years. Yes, I said seven. I don’t have any chronic medical conditions so I just got too busy (and maybe too lazy) to go. Terrible, I know. So I drug myself into her office with my tail between my legs fully expecting to be admonished. She was cool, though. She was surprised that I had gone so long (especially at my age) but she was understanding and compassionate. We talked a lot about stress and fatigue and daily routine. I may have even gotten a bit emotional. She did a ton of bloodwork and while I had low iron and a couple low vitamin levels, the main things (thyroid, cholesterol, glucose, etc.) were perfect.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you all about the camping trip last weekend. It was a lot of fun. First, the weather was perfect. We were truly blessed with a beautiful spring weekend. Weather in the Midwest is unpredictable at best so this was kind of equivalent to spotting a unicorn. It was sunny and dry all weekend, 80s during the day and 50s at night. Blue skies during the day and a clear starry sky at night. We had eight older girls (age 11 to almost 13) and five younger ones (age 7-8). The older girls had a caper chart and they were responsible for all of the meal preparation and cleaning. It is amazing what girls that age can do when given the chance. They did great and there was no complaining. A bit of girl drama, yes – but no whining about the work. The biggest hit with most of them was the horseback riding. My little one had a scary experience with the horses on the last trip and I could tell that she was nervous this time. But she got up there and rode like a champ. That takes a lot of courage. I really thought the trip was a good balance of work and responsibility and downtime. The girls had plenty of time to hang out, play some sports, explore nature or just chill at the campfire. Our older girls are in middle school, so I was so happy to see them have a weekend away from screens and apps for some actual real-life socialization in a  safe, fun place – where they could just be themselves, solidify their friendships, try some new skills. I’m really happy that we could give them that experience. I’m really glad that I could have that experience. I don’t get a lot of time in nature these days but every time I do, I feel more centered and balanced.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my older daughter is thinking about going to the sixth grade basketball open gym next week. This is for girls interested in playing basketball in the seventh grade. I used to play basketball in school and I would love to see her try it. She is not very athletic, though we shot hoops at camp last weekend and the girl doesn’t suck. She has some skill. She needs a lot of work of course but I was impressed. She’s never been sports-oriented and I hope that she isn’t considering it just because she thinks I want her to. Two of her friends are also going so that may be the bigger factor. I am starting to realize how her friends are becoming a bigger influence on her. I can see the tides changing.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my younger daughter went turkey hunting with my dad yesterday. She wasn’t armed, she just dressed in camouflage and sat in the woods with him. Caitlin is my tomboy – she loves the outdoors, she loves to fish and she has been begging grandpa to take her hunting. She got a youth bow for Christmas last year. She is a country girl through and through. Hunting is something I never could have done at her age (and probably still couldn’t).

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?