Weekend Coffee Share 5/1/16


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If we were having coffee, I would tell you how glad I am to see you. It has been a LONG week. I value quiet Sunday mornings and our time together.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about how I survived my new doctor appointment. I was very nervous to go because, despite being a healthcare provider who gives patients advice every day, I have not had a regular doctor or routine wellness exam in seven years. Yes, I said seven. I don’t have any chronic medical conditions so I just got too busy (and maybe too lazy) to go. Terrible, I know. So I drug myself into her office with my tail between my legs fully expecting to be admonished. She was cool, though. She was surprised that I had gone so long (especially at my age) but she was understanding and compassionate. We talked a lot about stress and fatigue and daily routine. I may have even gotten a bit emotional. She did a ton of bloodwork and while I had low iron and a couple low vitamin levels, the main things (thyroid, cholesterol, glucose, etc.) were perfect.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you all about the camping trip last weekend. It was a lot of fun. First, the weather was perfect. We were truly blessed with a beautiful spring weekend. Weather in the Midwest is unpredictable at best so this was kind of equivalent to spotting a unicorn. It was sunny and dry all weekend, 80s during the day and 50s at night. Blue skies during the day and a clear starry sky at night. We had eight older girls (age 11 to almost 13) and five younger ones (age 7-8). The older girls had a caper chart and they were responsible for all of the meal preparation and cleaning. It is amazing what girls that age can do when given the chance. They did great and there was no complaining. A bit of girl drama, yes – but no whining about the work. The biggest hit with most of them was the horseback riding. My little one had a scary experience with the horses on the last trip and I could tell that she was nervous this time. But she got up there and rode like a champ. That takes a lot of courage. I really thought the trip was a good balance of work and responsibility and downtime. The girls had plenty of time to hang out, play some sports, explore nature or just chill at the campfire. Our older girls are in middle school, so I was so happy to see them have a weekend away from screens and apps for some actual real-life socialization in a  safe, fun place – where they could just be themselves, solidify their friendships, try some new skills. I’m really happy that we could give them that experience. I’m really glad that I could have that experience. I don’t get a lot of time in nature these days but every time I do, I feel more centered and balanced.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my older daughter is thinking about going to the sixth grade basketball open gym next week. This is for girls interested in playing basketball in the seventh grade. I used to play basketball in school and I would love to see her try it. She is not very athletic, though we shot hoops at camp last weekend and the girl doesn’t suck. She has some skill. She needs a lot of work of course but I was impressed. She’s never been sports-oriented and I hope that she isn’t considering it just because she thinks I want her to. Two of her friends are also going so that may be the bigger factor. I am starting to realize how her friends are becoming a bigger influence on her. I can see the tides changing.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my younger daughter went turkey hunting with my dad yesterday. She wasn’t armed, she just dressed in camouflage and sat in the woods with him. Caitlin is my tomboy – she loves the outdoors, she loves to fish and she has been begging grandpa to take her hunting. She got a youth bow for Christmas last year. She is a country girl through and through. Hunting is something I never could have done at her age (and probably still couldn’t).

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?


11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 5/1/16

  1. I would tell you I’m proud of you for going to the doctor! I hadn’t been to the dentist in over 4 years! When I finally went it wasn’t that bad. Kinda proud of myself for taking care of business!

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    1. I’m proud of you, too! It is hard to go back when you’ve been away so long. I had taken a hiatus from the dentist too but thankfully got back on track a couple years ago.


  2. Camping in April! You brave lady. It was beautiful here last weekend too, but that’s been bracketed by two snowy weekends. The Afthead house is stir crazy! Your camping trip sounds dreamy, and bravo for giving those girls that experience.

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  3. I miss camping at times. The last tent camping I did we choose a spot on a game trail. The coyote came right to the tent. We had dogs with and one wa in heat. I said I wanted something bette than just a tent beween me and the wildlife. I glad the gitrls had fun on the trip. Good luck with the basketball tryout.

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  4. Love your stories of your girls, as well as, the story of your dr. appt. I am so with you! I just don’t go, except for the girlie yearly stuff, and I guess I should. I just don’t like going to the dr.! 😀 Your girls sound just delightful, and my prayers will be with you for your oldest starting 7th grade. Everyone told me that would be a tough year for my son…and they were right. It’s just a year full of inner realizations, adjustments, and decisions. Just hang on! You’ll both get through it, and you’ll be stronger women for it! 😉 Your youngest sounds like my youngest, but mine is a boy, and he’s 10. He absolutely loves anything outdoors. I bet they’d have a blast hunting together. 🙂 Enjoyed the coffee share. See you next week!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! I appreciate the prayers for seventh grade. Seems like a rough year for many. I’m sure the kiddos would love to hunt together! Sorry I didn’t reply very quickly but hope to see you this weekend 🙂

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