Weekend Coffee Share 5/8/16


It is time again for weekend coffee share (hosted by Part Time Monster). Join in by creating your own coffee share post with the tag weekendcoffeeshare and/or add to the linkup here.

If we were having coffee, we would wish each other a happy Mother’s day. I would listen to you tell me about your day and your family. We would commiserate about the hustle bustle of life with kids but agree that we are truly blessed. I would tell you that my girls got me a beautiful leather-bound journal and pens. They also got me this adorable little flowering plant in a ladybug planter. After cleaning the house this morning, we had a relaxing day and went out for ice cream.

I would also tell you that I am on day FOUR of a headache and I am about to go crazy. I have taken various meds over the last few days – some have helped and some haven’t – but the headache always comes back. Today my whole head is congested so I think I am getting a cold. Or maybe it is allergies. I can never tell the difference.

I would also tell you about Mayfest weekend. In our little town, Mayfest is a big deal. There are carnival rides, lots of great food, a parade, a craft fair, bed races, pie eating contest and live music. We marched in the parade Friday night with the girl scouts and spent several hours there Saturday with the family. It was really hot and so we didn’t stay all day. Of course we stayed long enough to get a funnel cake!

I need to run. It is getting late and I may scrounge up some sinus meds to see if I can relieve some of this pressure in my head before I try to sleep. Have a great week and let’s meet for coffee again next weekend!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 5/8/16

  1. Happy mother’s day Amie- a day late lol. Sorry you’ve been dealing with a four day headache! I honestly can’t tell the difference between a cold and allergies either- they both suck and fill my face up with gunk bleh. Feel better soon!

    Mayfest sounds like so much fun! Any chance to get funnel cake is a win in my book!

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  2. I hope your headache has resolved! Years ago I used to get bad migraines, and then one day they stopped happening. I think it was the job I was working at, lots of high stress. At any rate, hope you feel better!

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  3. What a terrible headache! I cannot imagine it going on for four days 😦 I am glad you are feeling better. Mayfest sounds like fun – in Finland it’s a carnival like of thing (30th of April AND 1st of May) but this year I missed it as I was in London.

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