Weekend Coffee Share 5/15


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If we were having coffee at my house this morning, you would find our house in the typical Sunday morning routine. Tarzan is playing on the tv (Disney is our weekend morning staple), my 7 year-old is sitting next to me playing snakes and ladders (chutes and ladders) on the tablet and my 12 year-old is whining about being hungry. It is pretty much status quo.

We are counting down around here until the end of school on the 25th. My older daughter has two field trips next week and the younger daughter has swim/park day next week. The field trip on Monday is to the zoo. They are going to divide the kids into groups of 7 or so and let them explore the zoo without adults. The adults will be stationed at entrances and various points around the park. Now these are middle schoolers who have made the A honor roll all year to qualify for the trip so they are somewhat responsible kids… but I would be lying if I said it didn’t concern me a little. I know she will be fine but it is still a little scary. She is so excited, she’s been talking about it all weekend.

Today is our last Girl Scout meeting of the year before we disband for the summer. We are going to fly kites and have an ice cream social. Honestly, I am ready for the break. As much as I love the girls, helping to lead two troops is not always easy and it is a time commitment. And sometimes the parents are a bit much. It is a great experience for my girls so I am not complaining… but yes, breaks are good.

Now my daughter is playing Crossy Road. Have you seen this game? It is FROGGER! They have totally ripped off Frogger.

We are interviewing someone at work for the other counseling position so I may actually get some help soon. This would make my life much easier. She is our only viable candidate so I am really hoping she is good. Fingers crossed.

So what has been going on with you this week? Chat me up!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 5/15

  1. I hope she has a great time at the zoo, I would be nervous too, but I’m sure it’ll be great and they’ll have a blast.

    I hope the new possibility for the counselor position works out!

    Glad you’ll have a bit of a break over the summer, you both do so much for those troops it’ll be nice to have a breather.

    If we were having coffee at my house, we’d be awake for days seeing as its 1230am. Nonetheless, it was a nice Sunday around the little house, a visit from the brother et al to meet the chickens (well that was the reason the niece and nephew came over, the brother had some work to do haha)! We spent a lot of time outside, the weather has been gorgeous lately.

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    1. Midnight coffee is ok! I don’t sleep well anyway. Lol

      Glad you’ve been enjoying the weather. We have the same here. We had some rain this week but now it is clear and looks to be a very nice weekend.

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