Weekend Coffee Share 5/30


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I know, it’s Monday. It is a long weekend due to the Memorial Day holiday so I am off work. So technically it is still the weekend to me.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how busy I have been. This would not be news to you, of course. With the end of the school year and all of the craziness that comes with it and the never-ending need to bring work home on the weekends, time escapes me. I missed our coffee date last weekend. It would have been easy to skip it this weekend as well. Like going to the gym, the longer one is away the harder it is to go back. My blog has been neglected. In the last month, my only posts have been our coffee share. My writing has been back-burnered yet again. I am thankful, though, for our coffee time because it keeps me connected and gives me a reason to stop in here and blog a bit.

My older daughter bought a harmonica at Barnes and Noble on Saturday. She is picking it up quickly. She only knows one song so far but she has been working hard to perfect it. I have heard that song no less than 200 times in the last day and a half. It is Jingle Bells. It is like Christmas in May here at my house.

I have one quick story from my week. On Wednesday, I was on the interstate heading to work when I got a flat tire. It happened right at an exit, so I veered right off and pulled into a gas station. Flustered, I called my husband but he was over an hour away. I called the roadside assistance service through our insurance and waited for help. I sat fuming, thinking about all of the work I needed to do and patients that would have to be rescheduled. I wondered how long this would take, if the tire could be fixed or if it would need to be replaced, if I could drive to work on my spare and deal with this after work. My mind was on fire with the gazillions of ways that this was a major inconvenience. While waiting for the roadside guy, a kind man came over to my car and offered to put on my spare so that I could drive somewhere to fix my tire. What luck! We opened the trunk and lifted the covering to find… no tire. No jack, no lug wrench, no spare tire. Where all of those things should be, was an air pump machine. We stared blankly at it, confused. The man was a good sport, he tried to hook up the machine and inflate my tire. While this machine would have done a bang-up job inflating an air mattress, it failed miserably with my tire that was flat as a pancake with a large hole.

When the roadside assistance guy showed up, he confirmed that there was nothing he could do. We couldn’t get enough air in the tire to drive it to a repair shop and there was obviously no spare to swap out. So I was stuck. And I was angry. Then I had to wait for a tow truck. Yes, I had to tow my car to fix a flat tire. My flat tire occurred at 7:15 am. At 10 am, my car was finally hauled into the shop. The place was busy, so I waited nearly an hour and a half for the repair. The auto center was attached to a walmart store so I had plenty of time to browse and wander. I think somewhere the powers-that-be were telling me to slow down and breathe, even if they had to force me. It all worked out fine in the end. The tire was fixable (for only $10!), my insurance covered all of the roadside and towing costs and I got a lot of alone time that morning. I finally arrived at work a little after noon.

So, my PSA of the day is check your trunk! Make sure you have a spare tire. I had no idea this was a thing, but apparently some newer model cars (especially Dodge/Chrysler) are forgoing spares for air pumps. Who knew.

If were were having coffee, what would you tell me?




10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 5/30

  1. If we were having coffee, if thank you for showing up lol. We’re having the same “harder to go back” troubles with the gym this weekend. Wednesday is going to be so hard! (the gym is closed today and Tuesdays are impossible here so we have to wait until Wednesday lol)

    Crazy about your tire. But I’m actually glad it forced you to slow down. I hope you find some down time here and there over the summer.

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  2. So sorry you had a bad day, but you did find something positive in it and that makes it worth it…to some extent anyway. Life is always throwing us curves, but we learn things from them and become stronger in the process. If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you today is a beautiful day in sunny Florida and my day is going well, and I am so grateful.😊

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  3. We had this happen last summer while out of town when we took my son for his college orientation. We had just enough air to make it back to the hotel. Thankfully, I already new our car had a tire but those little tires are not rated for anything more than to get one to a garage so the next morning we had to get a new tire before traveling back home.

    If we were having coffee I would tell you I’m going to check the back of our new Explorer got to see if there is a spare 🙂

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  4. Yikes, how terrible that there was no spare! Thankfully it was sorted out in the end.

    If we were having coffee I’d tell you I’m not sure if sailing is for me. I promised to try it this summer because hubby loves it but it’s so SLOOOOOW! 😉

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