In the summer of her twelfth year, everything changed for Melaina.

An outcast in every way, she relished the last day of spring classes. Her mother’s offer of a “girls getaway” deep in the forest away from everything sounded perfect.

As soon as Melaina saw the abandoned cottage, something ancient and visceral stirred inside her. The stones called to her, full of secrets and legends. Intuition. Jumbled no more, her thoughts aligned with clarity. Her destiny was revealed.

Her mother led her inside with a reassuring smile, speaking of spells and potions and enchantments.

Her training was about to begin.


This is my late entry for Friday Fictioneers. See the other 100-word offerings from many talented authors here.





12 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. I really liked your piece. It’s nicely written—soft and delicate. I especially liked this line “Jumbled no more, her thoughts aligned with clarity. Her destiny was revealed.”. I think it would have been good as an ending too. 😀
    Good job! Keep it up~! ❤

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