Weekend Coffee Share 6/26/16


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When you arrive on my doorstep for our coffee date, I greet you warmly with a hug and invite you in. I thank you for coming to my humble home and ask that you forgive my casual attire (hello kitty pajama pants and an old t-shirt) and disheveled appearance. I have missed our coffee dates. I wish that I could say that we have been jet-setting and leading glamorous lives during my hiatus but I cannot. It has been status quo around here: busy with work and kids.

I have laundry running and I am trying to get some housework done. I unfortunately do not have a Jetsons house that cooks and cleans itself. I don’t have a robot maid either. I do have children, though. One of the great things about having older kids is that you can put them to work. They can vacuum and do dishes and the older one can even do laundry. They grumble about it, of course, but I have learned to tune that out. So while they are doing my dirty work, we can chat.

As we sit down with our beverages, I try to resist talking about work. I know you have heard it before, after all. This past week was particularly stressful, making me rethink why I even stay at that job. You indulge me like the great friend that you are. You know that even though I am frustrated, I know exactly why I stay at that job. You know that I just need to get things off my chest.

I would tell you that I took the kids to see Finding Dory this week. We saw it in 3D, which I highly recommend. I am a big fan of Finding Nemo and have to admit that I had my doubts that the sequel could measure up. I am pleased to say that I was wrong. Finding Dory is every bit as good as it’s predecessor. It has an engaging story line, lovable characters, cool effects and a couple of spots that tug at the heartstrings in true Disney fashion. Baby Dory is too cute for words. If you go see it, stay until after the credits are finished for a cute scene that ties into the original.

I would also tell you about our zoo trip last week. It is one of our favorite places so we decided to go since I had a day off work. It was a nice day, weather-wise and the crowds weren’t too bad. We hit our favorite exhibits – the stingrays, the polar bear, the sea lions. Then we went to see the gorillas. This is where things got interesting. Our new(ish) gorilla habitat has the animals completely behind plexiglass at a particular observation point. So they can get quite close to the onlookers. There was one gorilla chilling about 7 or 8 feet from the glass. He almost looked like he was posing and he would occasionally turn his head, look at the people and then look away again. He seemed very relaxed. All of a sudden, he shot up to the glass and banged on it with his fist, making a booming sound. He then spun off and ran in the other direction. There was a collective gasp and the people up against the glass jumped back like they were on fire. A toddler girl started crying instantly.  It was scary. My heart was racing, thudding in my chest. I am sure the gorilla was laughing, proud of his ornery prank.

We would chat about Big Brother. That is my summer guilty pleasure show. I am glad that James and Nicole are back because otherwise the cast is pretty dull.

It is starting to rain and we enjoy listening to it slap against my bay windows. Peaceful.

So, catch me up on you. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?


14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 6/26/16

  1. Hi thanks for the coffee hello kitty? whose closet did you raid lol

    The gorilla thing must have a been a little scary and exciting

    I love the rain, unless I have an outdoors event planned then not so much and not when it rains everyday and the ground gets all soggy

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  2. I know the weekend’s done but I’m at Starbucks trying to avoid work so I’ll bite…I just finished the first week of a new diet and might have cheated a bit too much on my cheat day yesterday, with goldfish crackers, some ice cream, half a slice of cake, some gummy candy and 6 shortbread cookies. But altogether that’s one cheat meal, right? Also, other than a journal I got in the mail today, no other mail this past weekend. Oh well, at least no bills, right?

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