Weekend Coffee Share 7/10


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If we were having coffee, I’m not sure where we would meet. I am not up to going anywhere. I am flat on my back, literally. But let’s pretend. If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I threw my back out again. This is the second time in a year and a half. It happened Thursday night for no apparent reason. The back pain came on suddenly and got worse until I was basically incapacitated. Friday I stayed home from work because I couldn’t get around. The back pain was bad but the muscle spasms were worse. If I got on my feet at all – even for a quick trip to the bathroom – all of my lower back muscles would seize up and spasm, completely immobilizing me with pain. The first time it happened, I panicked and almost hyperventilated.

By Friday night I couldn’t take it anymore and my husband took me to the ER. They gave me a shot of morphine, a shot of muscle relaxant and a dose of prednisone. Within a couple of hours, the pain was manageable and I was actually able to walk (oh so slowly) out of the ER on my own. Saturday I spent the day mostly flat on my back, keeping myself full of steroids, muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. Getting up and down is the worst but I can now walk, dress myself and go to the bathroom by myself.

This morning when I woke, the pain was worse. I took my meds and gave them time to work. Two hours later I was able to take a shower. It is amazing how soap and water can make you feel human again. I will spend the day again mostly flat, trying not to aggravate my back too much until I can get to the chiropractor tomorrow morning. The chiropractor that I saw last year passed away several months ago, so I will be seeing the new chiro that took over his practice. I am praying that she can make me more functional because I really need to get back to work on Tuesday (since I missed Friday and will miss Monday).

The last couple of days have been a haze of pain (and meds), but I have been following the unrest that is happening around my country… Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, the killing of police in Dallas and police officers shot in St. Louis and Georgia. It is confusing and scary and depressing. I wish I had answers. Social media has been a firestorm of differing opinions. We need to come together as a nation and address these issues openly and honestly – we need to be raw and vulnerable and willing to make changes. Like I said, I wish I had answers. Right now all I have are questions.

I have a lot of time to kill so talk to me. Chat me up in the comments. How has your week been?


6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 7/10

  1. Ahhh no! Sorry to hear about your back! I really hope the new chiro is able to work some magic and make you feel a bit more whole again tomorrow.

    And- yes- the healing powers of a shower- very underrated lol.

    I’m so saddened by the division and hate that seems to be running rampant in our country right now. I don’t really know the words I’m looking for. I feel like all the “special causes” are driving a deeper division between people rather than healing any of the hurt that has been caused. I feel like our country has moved so far back in the last few years. I wish people could see that the more divided we are on topics- the more power we give to those that honestly do not have our best interests in mind. I wish people could simply be kind to others. Even if you disagree- why do you need to hate each other? We can have different opinions and still be kind to each other. It takes nothing out of you to simply be kind. I’ve had a dark cloud over my head for the past few days. I’m just so sad that people can feel so much anger and hate towards another human being.

    I think we all need a very long vacation.

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    1. Well said, Violet. I agree that our country is moving in a dangerous direction. So much anger and violence. And a lack of respect for others, for authority. We do need more kindness. It costs nothing to be kind to others.

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  2. Very sorry to hear about your back! I’ve had issues off and on and have to be careful about twisting. Glad you were able to get some relief and I hope the chiro can help you out! My last few days I have been full of anxiety. Not just about the world by also my world. Going in a trip soon to visit my daughter and I always get flipped out beforehand. My job has brought me some anxiety as well, but, in the end, things always work out fine! I have to remind myself if that! Hope you feel better soon!

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