If We Were Having Coffee… 7/24


If we were having coffee, we would definitely meet at Villanous Grounds this time. That is the coffee shop I mentioned last week. The first floor is the coffee bar and the second floor is a comic book shop. They have ice cream too and due to the extreme heat, I will opt for a root beer float for our visit. Maybe after our chat we can browse the comics upstairs. I would look at the Walking Dead graphic novels. I would tell you that I would like to read them but I refuse to until the television series ends. I don’t want both TWD universes competing in my brain.

You may notice that I look a little brighter today, a little lighter. I am officially on vacation. I don’t go back to work until August 1. For now, I am thankful to have this time to rest. I am sure that next Sunday when we have our next visit I will be fretting about going back to an enormous pile of work. But for today, I feel good. We are not travelling anywhere for this vacation. I have a mammogram tomorrow. My older daughter has several events this week for back to school. We will do school clothes and supplies shopping. We all need haircuts. So it will be a busy – but not hectic – week.

Things are going somewhat better for our cats, Gracie and Charlie. Charlie has settled in and gotten comfortable – and turned into a typical kitten. She is rambunctious and adventurous. She has no fear. Gracie now tolerates her, unless Charlie gets up in her face. And since Charlie is a kitten, she does get in Gracie’s face. Charlie just wants to play, she is not malicious. Gracie, however, can only take so much. So they are mostly coexisting with some minor skirmishes when Charlie gets wound up. If things keep progressing like this they will hopefully be friends soon.

Catch me up on your week. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… 7/24

  1. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying vacation and that the cats are getting along better! Villainous Grounds sounds like a super-fantastic place to meetup! My husband and I have just finished TWD comics that have been published up tot his point, but we got them from our local library instead of investing in them. Very good—I like them better than the show.

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    1. I have heard great things about TWD comics from those who read them. The library is a great idea. I will read them eventually. I know I will be so sad when the show ends so that will give me something to look forward to 🙂

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  2. Villanous Grounds sounds like a dream–coffee AND ice cream?!? I’m not so much into comic books, but it sounds like a cool place none-the-less. Enjoy your vacation! Even if your not traveling, it’s nice to have some time off to relax and focus on other to-do items besides work.

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  3. Coffee AND comic books? Such a place exists??? I love the Walking Dead, and have also been holding off on the comics… I get so confused with Game of Thrones as to what happened in the book and what happened in the show sometimes… And then when things don’t go how I expect them to… Enjoy your vacation!

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  4. Ha Villainous Grounds! Love it!

    It’s we were having coffee (large iced latte with honey melted into the espresso, please) I’d be so thrilled you are having such a laid back Sunday in anticipation of a week off, I happy you are able to take the time off!

    Sounds like thing are improving a bit for Gracie and Charlie- happy to hear it.

    Everytime I hear or see anything about TWD I think of you and Joanne. You two are the reason I know ANYTHING about it haha! I love that you enjoy it so much. One day the graphic novels will be ready for you to read, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them very much.

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  5. Enjoy your staycation! I’m currently on mine now and for the longest time since I finished my last job and anticipating a new one next month. I love every minute of a stress free, stay-at-home life. One of the best things we can ever do for ourselves. And I would love to have some of that rootbeer float. Sounds yummy.

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