If We Were Having Coffee… 9/18/16


I’m sorry I am running late to our coffee date. It has been a busy day. We had a family reunion this afternoon. I also did a bit of work, ate supper and now the kids are taking baths. I am not sure why weekends pass so quickly. Here we are already at Monday eve. Yuck.

Of course I have to start out by saying T minus 10 days and counting until my Seattle trip. I am busy so the time seems to be passing quickly. I need to do some Google work and investigate the area and get some ideas for restaurants, activities, etc. If anyone has some must-sees then let me know in the comments.

The family reunion today went okay. It is for my father’s mother’s side of the family and we have it every September. Being an introvert I kind of dread it because peopling wears me out, but as far as peopling goes this event is not high on my anxiety scale. I would call it low to medium. I am very familiar with my immediate branch of the family tree but there are many folks on the extended branches that I don’t even know. I weathered through the small talk and listened to people coo over my kids. The food was good and the weather was decent. Overall, a good afternoon.

Afterwards, we came home and watched the STL Cardinals win over the Giants so that made it a great afternoon. I’m not sure if the Cards will get that ever-elusive wildcard spot for the playoffs (and even if they do I’m not sure they will make it out of the first round) but this part of the season is so exciting. I am remaining hopeful.

It has been an uneventful week. My physical therapy went well. I have mastered my homework from week 1 so we just built on those same principles with some slightly more difficult exercises. My therapist told me I am doing very well and that I am a quick learner. It warmed my driven, perfectionist, type A heart.

My husband brought home an industrial carpet cleaner and cleaned the playroom floor yesterday. Our house has old carpet. It needs to be replaced but we are not ready to do it yet. When he got finished the carpet looked 1000% better. Today he is doing the living room and hallway. It is amazing how clean carpet just brightens up the whole place.

We have a semi-busy week coming up with kids’ dentist appointments, parent teacher conference and girl scout meetings. Fun times.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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If We Were Having Coffee… 9/11/16


If we were having coffee on this cool, sunny morning you would likely comment on how quiet my house is. Other than my two cats playing with a large box, there is no activity yet in my humble abode. Hubby and the kids are still sleeping. This is my productive time when I can actually get things done.

If we were having coffee, we might make small talk and exchange pleasantries before talking about the elephant in the room… the anniversary of September 11, 2001. It has been 15 years, but I still cry when I watch the footage and listen to the stories of those lost and the stories of the heroes from that day. It never stops hurting. We would talk about where we were that day because everyone remembers clearly where they were when they heard that news. I was working in Cleveland, Ohio. My coworker’s son called her and told her to turn on the news. We had no TV in our clinic so she turned on a radio. I remember sitting at my desk trying to go online to news sites but the internet was so jammed that no pages would load. I called my husband at home and told him to turn on the TV. He told me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I thought, like many, that it was an accident. Then he watched the second tower hit live and we knew that it was no accident. My hospital went on disaster plan protocol, so we were not allowed to leave. It was a horrible day. My coworkers and I went out to the main lobby and watched footage on the TV’s. Doctors, nurses, patients and other staff all crowded around and watched in stunned silence. I remember feeling lost when I finally did get to go home. My husband and I went to an impromptu prayer service at the Catholic church next to our apartment. We gathered with strangers and held hands and sang and prayed. We didn’t know what else to do. I remember the footage going on for days and I felt like the tears would never stop. I felt like the pain would never stop. I was so proud of my country, of those in New York and the surrounding areas, of those that banded together and worked through emotional turmoil and physical exhaustion to help others.

I remember thinking at the time that I was glad that we did not have children yet. If I couldn’t wrap my own brain around such a horrific display of violence and hate, how could I possibly explain it to a child. Now I am a parent and I still can’t make sense of a horrific display of violence and hate. I tell my children that there is violence in the world and there always has been. It is the way that we react to it that defines us. So today, we will talk a little bit about what happened that day 15 years ago. I focus on the aftermath, the strength and courage of good people. Yesterday my kids baked cookies and today we are taking them and other treats to our local police station and fire department. We will thank them for their service.

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you that it is T minus 17 days and counting until my trip to Seattle!

We would talk about other random things… I am excited for my second physical therapy session this week, I have mixed feelings about upcoming parent teacher conferences this month, I am holding out hope for a good outcome for the St. Louis Cardinals this month (Go Cards!), I am happy for September and the little signs that summer is fading away and fall is on it’s way.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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If We Were Having Coffee… 9/4/16


Ah, hello old friend! It is so nice to see you! I hate that life gets in the way of our coffee dates. It has been way too long. What has been going on in your life?

We have just been dealing with the everyday brand of busy in my house… work, school, girl scouts, etc. Back to school has went fairly smoothly and both girls are liking it so far this year. We are starting our scout year for both troops. The older troop is beginning their Silver Award and we are growing our younger troop. Work is the same old, same old and is really not even worth talking about. As often happens, I have been very busy and distracted and have neglected my blog. I work on my writing projects when I can – often fleshing out stories and characters during my commute time – but have little time for blog writing.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have enrolled in a low back pain study at the university where I work. I went for a “lab” appointment to determine my eligibility. I answered a bunch of questions about my pain and activity and met with a physical therapist. She put me through positions and movements and got more information about my pain. Then I did the official “movement” part of the lab. That was where things got interesting. I was in a sports bra and lycra shorts while the study coordinators strapped little reflector thingies all over my body. They had to measure and get them in just the right place. Then I was in a room with special cameras that would interact with the reflectors. As I performed specific movements, the cameras would capture images and transmit them to a computer. I watched the “digital me” on the screen, a representation of the lines between the reflectors that showed how I bend and twist through the movements. Very high tech.

Now I have six weeks of physical therapy in which they will retrain my body in how to move to avoid pain. I have to do the lab test twice more in the next year. I am already feeling better after just one therapy session. I have learned some valuable tools and I am feeling hopeful.

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you that I am very excited for my business trip at the end of the month. It is a medical genetics conference in Seattle. I have never been to Seattle and I can’t wait to get there. I am going with one of my very best friends from grad school and beyond. We love to travel together to these conferences. It is our time to get away without kids and husbands and catch up and have fun together. We even get to fly in and out together as we could sync up in the connecting cities. T minus 24 days and counting!

Our new kitten, Charlie, is doing well. She has grown so much! Gracie tolerates her well and they do get along – except when Charlie is being really hyperactive. I had forgotten how having a kitten in the house is much like having a toddler in the house!

So, catch me up on your week(s). What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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