The Eyes Have It

I have dark under-eye circles. I have had them since I was a kid. They are genetic, affecting all of the women on my dad’s side of the family. They are baseline dark but they get worse when I am sick or particularly tired. I didn’t mind them quite so much when I was younger. In my early 20’s I could pull off that look and maybe even rock it with an air of mystery (Was she up all night? What was she doing? Pulling an all nighter? Painting the town red?). Now that I am in my 40’s, however, those raccoon bags just make me look more tired and haggard than I already am. Also, in my 20’s my skin was smooth and supple and I could just cover those bags with concealer. Granted, no amount of concealer will work on my super bags but I could at least fade them. In my 40’s the concealer just settles into my wrinkles or looks caked-on.

As I was getting ready for work one morning this week, I noticed that I have a lot of under-eye makeup. I have a basket on the vanity with all of my war paint – foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara, etc. I started to pick out of all of the eye concealers and got this:


*Spoiler* None of these work on my super bags

Like many women, I tend to try new things and then toss them into the stash when they don’t work, allowing them to accumulate indefinitely. I am sure that there is an expensive under-eye circle miracle cure out there but my makeup budget is small. If there are any makeup artists reading that have an affordable suggestion, hit me up in the comments.

My point is that my eye bags are obviously on my list of insecurities. I spend a lot of time and effort figuring out how to eliminate them. While I consider my eyes my best feature overall, the bags underneath are my nemesis.

One day last week, my 8 year-old was in the bathroom with me. She has deep set eyes as well as those pesky genetic dark circles (often intensified by her never ending allergy flare ups). She hasn’t learned to hate them yet. She had found a pair of toy eyeglasses (with no lenses) and she was modeling them in the mirror. She kept smiling and saying “I look so cute!” She was right, she was absolutely adorable. She has the cutest little heart-shaped face and big brown eyes and glasses look amazing on her. Hats do, too. I couldn’t help but smile; she makes me so happy, the light within her is so bright.

I know what the future holds for her. Someday she will be cursing those bags in the mirror and accumulating her own makeup arsenal to combat them. For now, they are not on her radar. As it should be. It is a lesson to me to accept and love myself – flaws and all.


2 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. We all have something don’t we? And the funny thing is, most days, most people wouldn’t even notice our “flaws” because they’re too busy wondering if we’ve notice their’s.

    You and your girls do have gorgeous eyes. I still remember seeing a picture of Kiera as a baby on BBC and her eyes. Her eyes looked like they belonged on an adult. And Caitlin too. Such amazing eyes.

    Ok all this accepting yourself and yadda yadda is true but you did mention recommendations lol. Look into maskara makeup. Her line is VERY light and doesn’t settle in. I’ll text you the link…

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