If we were having coffee…11/6/16

It is a great day for coffee, albeit a busy one. I just got back into town after a weekend camping trip and the time change has left us in the dark way too early. Come on in and forgive the mess, we’re still unpacking. Help yourself to some leftover trail mix.

We would talk about the camping trip. We had the perfect camping weather – dry and warm during the day and chilly enough at night to draw everyone to the campfire. The rural camp is nestled in hills that were bright with fall colors. We were even treated with fog over the pond this morning, mystic and peaceful. We had eleven girls total and the trip was surprisingly drama free. I am always so proud of the girls on these trips as they do all of the cooking and cleaning with no complaints. Camping brings great things out of them. They try new things and take on responsibilities.The older girls even volunteered to do skits around the campfire Saturday night and they were so entertaining. We also did a special flag retirement ceremony. I have never participated in one before and it was a little emotional.

Since  I love food, we would talk about the delicious dutch oven cooking that happened on this trip. We made taco bake (meat, cheese, tomatoes and cornbread), apple cobbler, cherry cobbler, and cowboy breakfast casserole (hashbrowns, sausage, egg and cheese). Food always tastes better when cooked over  a campfire.

After we caught up about your week we would wrap up our coffee date. It was a short visit this week as I am tired and still need to unpack and get the kids ready for bed.Hopefully we can chat longer next week.

Thanks to Part Time Monster for hosting Weekend Coffee Share. Join in by creating your own coffee share post with the tag weekendcoffeeshare and/or add to the linkup here.


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