If We Were Having Coffee… 11/13/16


Hello, friend. When we meet for coffee today, we would hug warmly. It has been a rough week. Maybe we need a stronger drink today… come on in and I will break out some liquor. I’m having a rum and coke. Or three.

Of course, Tuesday was our election here in the U.S. I am certainly among the masses that were surprised – and disappointed – by the results. I feel like the rest of the week has been a bit of a fog as I try to wrap my head around it. I go about my daily activities but that outcome has sat heavily on my heart. I have concerns about foreign policy and I am truly worried for some friends if the Affordable Care Act is repealed without some safety nets regarding pre-existing conditions in place. I am concerned about our economy. I have to accept the outcome, of course, even though I find it hard to accept a man who has said such vile and disgusting things about women, homosexuals, transgender individuals and minorities. He is everything that I do not want representing our country to the world. I have had to just take some deep breaths and trudge forward. I am trying to have hope. I truly want him to succeed. I hope that he actually digs in and does some great things for all Americans. I’m not going to hold my breath, but I do hope I am pleasantly surprised. I am saddened by the division and protest in our country. While I understand the frustration, I feel like unification is what we need the most.

I would tell you about Veteran’s Day. I took the day off work to spend with my girls. We marched in our town’s parade with their scout troops. We do this every year, it’s tradition and it is extremely important to me. Afterwards, the scouts met to make tree ornaments for local nursing homes. We made 300! That will spread a lot of Christmas cheer. My girls had fun and worked so hard. The older troop helped with refreshments and helped guide and organize younger scouts as well as make ornaments. After that, several girls from our troop helped the local Boy Scouts distribute bags for their annual Scouting for Food campaign. We canvassed our assigned area and tied bags on every door. Again, the girls worked hard but also had fun together and enjoyed a beautiful autumn day. See, I can’t control the outcome of the election. I can’t change Donald Trump. But I control myself and what goes on in my household. And in my household, my kids are taught kindness and compassion. They give back to their community. That is the world that I want for them so that is the world we create. That day was just what I needed.

I really enjoyed my day off work but the trade off was that I spent about 5 hours this afternoon writing patient letters on my laptop. This job can be so draining. I have a busy week coming up so catching up this weekend will be very helpful in the long run.

As the drinks flow, we would talk about your week as well. We would share our feelings about the election, the country, the direction of it all. We would then talk about anything but the election, ready for some distance. And when we were all talked out, we would hug again and part ways looking forward to next time.

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7 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… 11/13/16

  1. This week has been one of the most mentally draining weeks I can remember in a really long time. I’m very ready for some time to heal some wounds. I’m so incredibly saddened by the division and hatefulness that came after the election. While I’m hopeful that some positive changes will take place, I agree wholeheartedly- the true good for our country starts at home. We raise our kids to contribute to the good of the world. And you, my friend, are raising some really caring compassionate girls. Cheers to a new week, we need it!

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  2. I think the only bright spots this past week have done crim spending time with my grandchildren. They are what count right now. I am still hanging on, signing petitions and trying to disseminate information. That’s just about all we can do right now.

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