If We Were Having Coffee… 11/20/16


If we had met a few days ago, we would have had iced coffees at an outdoor cafe in our summer clothes. It hit 80 degrees here on Thursday. Today we are definitely having hot beverages indoors with the heat on, perhaps even in front of the fireplace. It has been cold and windy all weekend. The dreaded “s word” (snow) has even started showing up on my facebook feed from my northern US friends. I am not ready.

It has been a quiet week here. I have been very busy at work but our home schedule was routine. I am looking forward to the thanksgiving holiday next week and four whole days off to spend with my family.

The lowlight of my week was getting scraped by an 18-wheeler on my way home from work Friday. He kept driving, I wasn’t even able to get his information. My back end on the passenger side is really scraped bad. I haven’t gotten an estimate yet. I’m debating just paying for it versus turning it in to my insurance. I don’t want my rates to go up any more than they already have. However if it is too expensive I don’t want to pay for it either. I’ll pay either way, right?  I’m not planning on doing anything about it before the holidays anyway.

Catch me up on your week. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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18 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… 11/20/16

  1. Ahhh that sucks about your car! Sorry to hear that- but yeah in these cases we pay either way huh? Ugh.

    Yeah definitely a day for a hot beverage today- we kind of skipped fall for the most part here- warm warm warm COLD. Fun stuff. I spent the morning buying long sleeve shirts for the kids on ThredUp lol they don’t have any and suddenly need some!

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    1. No I didn’t see the name on the truck. I was sitting in a lane of backed up traffic and he turned from behind me into the lane beside me. He just kept going and went through the light. I couldn’t see from where I was and by the time my lane started moving, he was long gone 😦


      1. People simply amaze me at how little they care about others. I’ve had a car run into me and cut around to pass me. I followed them to a gas station and called the police and they ran away. I ended up having to use my uninsured motorist part of my insurance because the police say they took a car of someone they knew without permission.

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  2. Oh Amie! You have such bad car luck… blech. This post did make me remember your lovely diagram of your last accident though. A work of art! We had SNOW here in Denver last week and more forecast for tomorrow. I’m okay with it though. I was sick of sweating. 80 degrees in November is just wrong.

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      1. I like snow, and have been antsy about the 80 degree days in November. We had our second little storm this week and my allergies have calmed down and the clouds of fruit flies have finally died. Florida has really big bugs. I wouldn’t live there. I like snow more than cockroaches…


      2. I’m the opposite… I get antsy about snow (but only because of my commute) and I love 80 degree days in November. I’ve lived in SC and FL and their cockroaches are huge! And in SC they have ones that fly (palmetto bugs). Stuff of nightmares, I tell you. And I won’t even mention the spiders. That weather, though. I miss it.

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      3. Aaaacccckkkkk! You just reconfirmed that I never want to live in FL or SC. Today I am thankful for the lack of palmetto bugs in my life. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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    1. Thanks! I am okay. I grew up in the Midwest and also spent four years in Cleveland OH on the lake… you would think I’d be used to the snow. I would mind it much less if I had a flexible job and could stay home when the roads are bad. Have a great week!

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