The Nose Knows

My husband and I recently stood in the “smell good” aisle (as he likes to call it) at the local store, trying to agree on something. We agreed that we wanted some air freshener for the house since I have a very sensitive nose and we have two kids, two cats, etc. We debated on the various delivery systems and settled for one of those “sprays every so many seconds” thingies. You just hang it on the wall and set the interval and it does all the work. Then we got to the hard part: choosing a scent.

“How about this one?”

“Too floral.”

“I like this one. What do you think?”

“Too pungent. It makes my head hurt.”

“This one?”

“Too… outdoorsy? What is that, pine? I don’t like it.”

*sigh* “Well then, what do you like?”

“I like this one. It smells homey.”

“It smells like food. I will be hungry all the time.”

That last one repeated several times as I picked several food scents. What can I say? I like food.

Anyone else have these conversations?

We eventually settled on an apple cinnamon smell. I love it because to me it smells like warm ovens and Christmas lights and love. It makes me feel cozy, like being wrapped in a hug.

What is your favorite scent and what how does it make you feel?


8 thoughts on “The Nose Knows

  1. funny exchanges. Papsie (my other half) loves to argue even with mundane and insignificant things but he does it in funny ways that i couldn’t afford to get mad. 😀

    at least you finally agreed on a scent 😀

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  2. Thankfully The Viking and I both agree that anything even remotely Vanilla is disgusting. It’s so sweet! And clingy, And cloying. What’s truly ironic is that we both really like the smell of REAL vanilla. I don’t know what they do to vanilla on it’s way from a pod to a candle or a spray but it’s horrible and they should all stop doing it. :o)

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