If We Were Having Coffee… 12/3/16


If we were meeting up today it would definitely be a coffee day – or other hot beverage day – because it is cold and cloudy. I may try hot chocolate today. I’ve heard the new Starbucks snickerdoodle hot chocolate is amazing. I’m sure we can find a Starbucks…

It’s another busy weekend for us. My younger daughter is at a birthday party this afternoon so it’s a good time to grab a cup and chat. We have Girl Scouts tomorrow and we are doing our investiture/rededication ceremony. I also need to get some work done and some housework. And of course there’s the Walking Dead tomorrow night. I need to fit in some Christmas shopping also. I think I will do most of it online this year.

I’ve been battling a cough since last week and it has turned into a full blown mess of congestion in the last two days. I alternate between being stuffy (and not being able to breathe) and being a faucet of snot (and blowing my nose constantly). I didn’t sleep well last night as a result. I took some Mucinex today and I’m hoping that will help. I hate being sick. My younger daughter also still has ringworm. It takes forever to get rid of. The one ring is fading a little. There is an area close to it, though, where there are some red dots that look suspiciously like they are forming a circle. So another ring may be organizing itself. The battle continues.

We are going to try to get our Christmas tree up this weekend (if we have time). I love it when it’s up, I love the lights. I just don’t like the work of putting it up or taking it down. We need to put it up, though. It may help me get into the Christmas spirit. It is just hard for me to believe it is already that time of year. Time is going so fast, I feel like I will blink and it will be the 25th.  I was also hoping to skip the Elf on the Shelf headache this year but the girls are asking when the elf will return. I often wish I had never started with the stupid Elf, it is just one more thing to have to remember to do every day. Or make up excuses why our Elf was too lazy or sick to move from day to day.

Catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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19 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… 12/3/16

  1. Mmm snickerdoodle hot chocolate… That sounds delicious. I love snickerdoodles.

    I to am dealing with the phlegm issue. A lot of congestion. I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling like I’d just swallowed a ball of gauze oof. No fun.

    I don’t even know where to begin with Christmas shopping. It’ll probably be online mostly. I don’t know. I like going to the stores though. We’ll see, it just seems to be right around the corner.

    I really hope you can get the ring worm taken care of, still no idea where it came from?

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    1. No idea where the ringworm came from. It’s a mystery.

      I’m sorry you are congested too! It’s awful. Hope you feel better soon. I like going to stores and looking around too. But I don’t like crowds. Lol. I usually do a little of both.

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  2. Okay first Starbuck snickerdoodle? I had to google it, and it says “A cookie classic meets a cold-weather favorite, made with white chocolate, cinnamon dolce syrup and topped with cinnamon sugar. Get ready for cookie-sipping magic.” I hadn’t heard of it, now I can’t wait to taste it so thank you for suggesting Starbucks for our coffee! Second, “faucet of snot” what a wonderful description in a perfectly yucky way. I hope you feel better soon. Third, good luck with the Christmas decorations it is always such a big job but it does make it feel like the holiday season.

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  3. Snickerdoodle hot chocolate!! Sounds interesting and I would like to check it out! Aah! These cold and congestion can be pretty uncomfortable. Take care of yourself and hope you feel better real soon!

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  4. We missed the entire Elf thing. My kids, now 12 and 15, aren’t interested. I’d tell you that I’m not sorry, since that Elf creeps me out a little, especially when it’s “spying” on the kids and wreaking havoc itself, which doesn’t seem fair to me.

    I’d also tell you that Snickerdoodle cocoa sounds amazing – and I know of at least three Starbucks close to me…. =)

    Happy holidays – may your Christmas spirit deepen, and your cough vanish.

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    1. You definitely shouldn’t be sorry! The elf is a lot of work. Our elf doesn’t wreak havoc like some elves do, but just having to move him every day… well, I get busy and forget. My kids are probably old enough that I could drop it (12 and 8) but they do ask for him. So then I feel bad not bringing him out.
      Happy holidays to you!

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  5. Oh boy…allow yourself some rest! We’ve been battling misc. illnesses around here, too and the hardest thing is to just allow some rest and healing time, but it’s *so important!

    I may have to try that Snickerdoodle magic next time I visit Starbucks…maybe with half of whatever the syrup is 😉

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead!

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