If We Were Having Coffee… 1/8/17


You are such a good friend to meet me for our weekly coffee chat at odd times, on the run between activities. Life has been hectic lately with work and kiddos. 2017 has felt like a blurry mess so far.

Work has been busy not only because of patient volume but also because of my teaching duties. I had a genetics fellow in training the whole month of December. I had a fourth year medical student last week and she is with me again this week. The fellow is coming back for one more week later this month. While I enjoy training them, the extra time I invest in them takes away from my time to do my other work. I always feel like I am trying to catch up.

Sidenote: I am watching the Golden Globes and Meryl Streep… wow. What a speech. She is an amazing woman.

Girl scout cookie season is in full swing. This means that the next couple of months will be busy with orders, cookie arrival day, sorting, distributing, cookie booths, etc. It also means that thin mints are coming!

Speaking of sweets, you won’t believe what I found when I was shopping on New Year’s Eve… Cadbury mini eggs! My longtime readers know about my mini egg obsession. To be able to find my beloved Easter candy already on 12/31 made my heart do joyful cartwheels. With Easter being three full months away, though, I will have to be careful to not gain too much weight. I can eat a lot of mini eggs in three months!

It has been so cold here this past week and we got our first measurable snow of the season. It was only a couple of inches. We have had some rollercoaster weather… unseasonable warm then frigid cold then snow then unseasonable warm then frigid cold, etc. I blame that for the illnesses going around.

Catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

Thanks to Diana at Part-time monster for hosting this weekly coffee chat! Join in by posting your own coffee post with the tag #weekendcoffeeshare and check out the other coffee share participants here.

5 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… 1/8/17

  1. Ahh, mini eggs! I had a weekly paper round and would buy a bag of mini eggs after I’d finished as a treat from the local spar shop. You’ve taken me right back to watching Moonlighting as I munched away!

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