If We Were Having Coffee… 1/21/17


If we were having coffee today we would actually take our beverages outside. Last weekend we hid from the ice storm and today it is almost 70 degrees. Welcome to the Midwest. It is a beautiful, glorious day with sun and warmth. It feels like spring. Of course it is unseasonable and it won’t last. So we need to take advantage while we can.

The kids and I went for walk today. We went to our favorite park and then went to the lake. We also went to the local pond to visit the geese. Vitamin D has been in short supply here lately so today has been such a blessing. It has also helped to lighten the mood.

I have been on a Cadbury mini-egg detox. I have eaten all of my stash (three bags) and now feel guilty. I want to take a break before I buy more but I crave them so. I will probably cave soon.

Work has been extremely busy this week due to the Martin Luther King holiday. I have seen so many patients and come home exhausted every night.

We couldn’t part ways without talking about the inauguration because that’s what everyone is talking about. I would become withdrawn and contemplative, I’m just not ready to process everything yet. I did not watch the coverage yesterday but did try to cheer myself up by binging on Joe Biden memes (it helped a little). Today I have been following the various Women’s Marches around our country and around the world. People are uniting in solidarity everywhere. It gives me hope. I have many  friends around the country at marches and I am loving their videos and photos.

Catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

Thanks to Diana at Part-time monster for hosting this weekly coffee chat! Join in by posting your own coffee post with the tag #weekendcoffeeshare and check out the other coffee share participants here.

14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… 1/21/17

  1. So happy for some sunshine after what feels like weeks of grey skies. Of course everyone else was too, so the shop was a bit slow today lol. But all in all I’m happy for it.

    I’m standing by my belief that I just wish everyone would be nice to each other. I’m so tired of seeing people ripped to shreds because they happen to disagree. I’m ready for some calmness and peaceful days.

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    1. The sunshine was such a welcome change from the the gloomy weather we’ve had lately. It was nice to see people out and about. I am ready for peace too and wish people on both sides of the fence could be more respectful (including our new leader). The division just seems to be getting worse.

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  2. Oh, I love Joe Biden memes! I grew so tired of social media yesterday, with those who are so proud of Trump, the Women’s marchers (which I love seeing) and women who claim their rights are not at risk, then we have the rioters, and Trump supporters condemning such action. It is the atmosphere that has resulted from the rhetoric of this election, however. Divided as ever. 😦 70 degrees in the Midwest?! Wow! How unexpected.

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    1. Biden memes are the best! So funny. I will miss those two so much. I may have to take a social media break. I have some friends posting pro-trump things and then the *women* yesterday denouncing other women for marching. My in-laws are two of the biggest offenders on face book so it leaves me in a bad spot. I hate seeing everyone so divided but also don’t see it getting better anytime soon and fear the Trump years will make it worse. The weather was very unexpected! I loved it!

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  3. Your Cadbury Mini-Egg addiction might be as bad as my Toffifee addiction. I was getting groceries the other day and out of the corner of my eye I see the letters TOF and immediately started to reach for them but it turned out to be Tofurkey. My disappointment was colossal. However, it kept me from falling off the Toffifee Wagon. I have been 23 days Toffifee Free. Fist. Pump!

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    1. I admire your strength in your fight against this addiction. You will inspire me to just say no to Cadbury. I’m only about a week Cadbury free but I won’t fall off the wagon 😉


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