If We Were Having Coffee on Super Bowl Sunday


Happy Sunday! Super Bowl Sunday is here! While I am just as excited about the snacks and the commercials as I am about the game, I do hope the New England Patriots go down in flames. Fingers crossed.

I spent the day shopping yesterday – not one of my favorite activities – for clothes for my almost-13-year-old daughter. She has her induction ceremony for the Junior National Honor Society on Monday night and dress clothes are required. She doesn’t like dress clothes and until yesterday didn’t own any that fit. She is picky about clothes and hard to fit (tall and bony skinny) so I knew it would be a challenge. We actually found a nice pair of black dress pants right off the bat. First store! They fit well, looked nice… I couldn’t believe my  luck. I thought, “well this may be easy! We just have to find a nice dress top to match and we’re done. This won’t take long.” Turns out I was delusional because finding that top was harder than I imagined. Again, she’s picky and it was hard to find something that I deemed age-appropriate (that didn’t look like it was for a 7 year-old or for a 17 year-old). Six stores later, we finally found a winner. I’m pleased with what we bought and she will look great. It was nice to spend some girl time with her and her sister and I found them a few other clothing items as well.

I also fell of the wagon and bought Cadbury mini eggs (damn you, Target!). Two bags. I actually exercised amazing restraint because I wanted to buy more. I haven’t opened them yet but they are taunting me. It’s a matter of time.

We’re in for some roller coaster weather this week. We should hit 70 degrees in a couple of days which will bring some severe storms because well, it’s not supposed to be 70 degrees in the Midwest in February. Then of course it will be back below freezing soon after. It keeps us on our toes (and in a state of aggravated allergies).

Catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

Thanks to Diana at Part-time monster for hosting this weekly coffee chat! Join in by posting your own coffee post with the tag #weekendcoffeeshare and check out the other coffee share participants here.

13 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee on Super Bowl Sunday

  1. I really don’t care about the Super Bowl this year. Likr you I hope New England loses. Too bad about the Cadbury eggs. There is still Valentine candy everywhere. The weather is still us a lot of unusual weather. Stay safe and Think Positive!

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  2. I’m glad you were able to find clothes for your daughter–I remember being really picky at that age and it’s definitely not fun. Enjoy watching the Superbowl! I’ll most likely be in a corner with a book while the game is on–I’m not a football fan. The commercials are good, though! For your sake, I hope New England loses. 🙂

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