If We Were Having Coffee… 2/19/17


Thanks so much for being patient with my tardiness. I planned to meet you for coffee this morning… but my morning got derailed (as often happens). After that, I just didn’t have the time or mental energy to meet. I’m sorry. No, I don’t want to talk about it. I even thought about skipping our date altogether BUT I didn’t want to miss the first week in our new digs. Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for taking over the hosting duties.

It has been a decent week here. We have had amazing weather for February with sun and warm temps. I had a day off work which is always nice. My day off was a busy one but a busy day at home is a million times better than a busy day at work, wouldn’t you agree? My accountant also finished our tax return and we don’t owe the government money. Win. We will get a refund and be able to pay off some bills. Double win. I had parent teacher conferences this week and I never, ever tire of hearing how great my kids are. After a dismal start to my day, my Sunday turned out okay. I spent lots of time with my kids and watched the Walking Dead.

I am still trying to herd cats. Literally. There is still tension among Gracie and Charlie and the new cat, Precious. They have their good moments, though so we are making progress. Then hissing and swatting starts and we take a step back. Stay tuned.

I have only eaten one bag of Cadbury mini eggs since last Sunday. I know that may not sound like much of an accomplishment. Trust me, it is.

Spring training is officially underway. Pitchers and catchers reported by Valentine’s Day and the rest of the squad came several days later. Opening day is right around the corner.

I have some planning to do this week as my daughter’s birthday is Wednesday. My older daughter will be 13. I can’t believe that I will be the parent of a teenager.

Catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee? Stop in and chat with the other weekend coffee share posters here.


photo credit: Unsplash


10 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… 2/19/17

  1. The weather has been pretty gorgeous hasn’t it? We had one gross rainy, cold day last week- then warm temps and sunshine which has been wonderful! I was starting to miss the sun!

    Two steps forward, one step back with the cats? I know nothing about cats, but I’m guessing these things take time? Every tiny step forward must be a relief.

    Sorry your Sunday started our poorly, but I’m happy to hear it turned out to be a good day.

    Well done on consuming only one bag of mini eggs!

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    1. Yep we just had the one rainy day too. It has otherwise been sunny which is a welcome change. Cats are much harder than dogs to integrate and it does take time. Cats are very territorial and often feel threatened by newcomers. Some cats are easier than others too. Gracie is a pain, Charlie isn’t as bad. Precious seems to be somewhere in the middle, I think she’d be easier if Gracie would chill out.

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  2. Eventually, hopefully! The cats will become, if not buddies, at least put up with each other. My two are not the best of friends but regularly share a bed to snooze on… go figure!
    Teenagers… ahhh… Mine are 19 and 17. It’s been… interesting 😉

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