If We Were Having Coffee… 4/2/17


I know, I know… I’m late for coffee. The linkup has already closed. That’s okay, we can still grab a quick cup before Sunday fades away.

Exciting news… baseball season opened today! And my beloved Cardinals just beat the Cubs! Couldn’t have had a better team to beat for the home opener. Suck on that, Cubs.

Our girl scout troop volunteered at an Autism Awareness 5K run/walk yesterday morning. It was early and chilly, but we showed up to support this cause. These are the community events that I love to be a part of. The 5K wound up raising $3,000 for local schools/programs that provide services for individuals with autism.

We saw Beauty and the Beast this afternoon. It was everything I hoped it would be and had some visually stunning parts. Good job, Disney. We also rented Arrival last night. This one had a slow segment in the middle but at the end when I finally figured out what was going on… wow. Very timely message, that one.

Friday night, I walked into my daughter’s bedroom to find this little gem…


That is TWO cats on the bed… side by side, content and happy! This made my heart do a happy little flip. That is Charlie the Tabby and Precious the White as Snow. Who is missing? The problem child…


This is Gracie the Torti (also known as Doesn’t Play Well With Others). She is making progress, too but she is not as accepting as her two sisters.

If we were having our quick cup of coffee, I would lament about my busy week ahead. I have a Reproductive Endocrinology fellow starting a two week rotation with me and I have a presentation for the OB/GYN fellows on Friday. At 7am. Presentations at 7am should be illegal. My daughters have a STEAM event on Saturday at a college three hours away.  I fear that I may be late for coffee again next weekend but I will try my best to make our date.

I participated in Friday Fictioneers again this week. Check out Adrift.

So, catch me up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

Thanks to Emily at Nerd in the Brain for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share (created by Part-time Monster)! Stop in and have a cup with our other participants at the linkup here.


7 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… 4/2/17

  1. It must be the name – We have three cats and Gracie is the one that doesn’t play well with others. Actually, she’s getting better but the other two aren’t doing the forgive and forget thing about how she treated them when she first arrived. I hope your busy week goes well!

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    1. Thanks, Trent. Hope you have a great week as well. That is too funny that your Gracie also doesn’t play well with others. Of my three, Gracie is the only one still giving me trouble. She is progressing, though, so hopefully we will eventually have total peace.

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      1. Actually, the main problem with our Gracie (which my wife renamed “Princess Grace” when she brought her home) is that she is the new cat in town. The other two have been together for several years, and Gracie is having a hard time fitting in – she is an adult cat that was “orphaned” when a good friend of my wife passed away. But it’s coming along. Only a little hissing.

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      2. Ah, my Gracie has the opposite problem. She was the original cat of the household and was an only until we got the new kitten last summer. Then we took in Precious after her owner died. So Gracie has had a hard time with these new cats usurping her territory. Actually, your Gracie is in a similar situation as my Precious. Progress is good and let’s hope it continues for both of us.

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  2. Two outta three ain’t bad… Time, hopefully will find Gracie okay with the other two!
    I saw Beauty and the Beast Friday night. Oh wait, you know that! 😉
    Have a great and hopefully not too busy week!

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