Turning Down Life’s Volume

This is really less of a response to today’s Daily post and more of a message to my friends and readers…

I have been on a bit of a hiatus… not really intentionally, but that’s how things go. Summer rolls around and the kids are out of school. Things are busy at work (I’m training a new person AND preparing for a software upgrade which has turned into a huge pain in the ass). When I have free time at home (what limited free time there is), I tend to want to retreat into the beloved quiet of my brain… turn down the volume of life, if you will. I’ve tried to read more, relax more. Unfortunately, I have fallen off the wagon with Friday Fictioneers and Weekend Coffee Share. I will get back to them, I promise.

I have had views on both my Facebook page and the blog itself. I see you and I appreciate you checking in on me. I hope to connect with you soon.


7 thoughts on “Turning Down Life’s Volume

  1. HI Amie,
    I just found you…but I share the sense of needing to just retreat to quiet…even as we have summer now, the busyness does not seem to slow down. I appreciate your words, and will love to hear more..
    I am finding my own slower path now, and yet trying to jumpstart my writing… hoping for that “pause that refreshes”…:)

  2. Totally understand the need to retreat into the quiet. I’m flip flopping between the feeling of needing to retreat and the feeling that I NEED to get it all out of my brain as quickly as possible. It’s an interesting pendulum.

  3. Sometimes life just gets in the way and there aren’t enough hours in the day for all we want to do πŸ˜ƒπŸ¦‰

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