Turning Down Life’s Volume

This is really less of a response to today’s Daily post and more of a message to my friends and readers…

I have been on a bit of a hiatus… not really intentionally, but that’s how things go. Summer rolls around and the kids are out of school. Things are busy at work (I’m training a new person AND preparing for a software upgrade which has turned into a huge pain in the ass). When I have free time at home (what limited free time there is), I tend to want to retreat into the beloved quiet of my brain… turn down the volume of life, if you will. I’ve tried to read more, relax more. Unfortunately, I have fallen off the wagon with Friday Fictioneers and Weekend Coffee Share. I will get back to them, I promise.

I have had views on both my Facebook page and the blog itself. I see you and I appreciate you checking in on me. I hope to connect with you soon.


7 thoughts on “Turning Down Life’s Volume

  1. HI Amie,
    I just found you…but I share the sense of needing to just retreat to quiet…even as we have summer now, the busyness does not seem to slow down. I appreciate your words, and will love to hear more..
    I am finding my own slower path now, and yet trying to jumpstart my writing… hoping for that “pause that refreshes”…:)

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  2. Totally understand the need to retreat into the quiet. I’m flip flopping between the feeling of needing to retreat and the feeling that I NEED to get it all out of my brain as quickly as possible. It’s an interesting pendulum.

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