#DSFWeeklyRewind… 10/29/17


How can it almost be November?? Where has this year gone? We are dangerously close to Christmas and *gasp* 2018! Let’s rewind the week…

I’ve been freaking out all week about the quick passage of time because my board certification expires 12/31. We have to renew every 5 years. I need to make up a boatload of CEU’s to recertify by 12/31. This means that I need to go online and pay an arm and a leg to download educational content, read and take quizzes, and earn said boatload of CEU’s. As usual, I have procrastinated. Also, I don’t exactly have piles of spare time laying around to devote to this.

Work this week has been surprisingly good. I caught up on my patient letters and I had a *very* productive day Friday packing my office. I actually got all of my drawers and storage cabinets packed. Friday, 11/3, is our last day in the office and all I will have to do that day is pack my desk. I am feeling a huge weight lifted regarding the office move.

Last weekend, I took a trip with the hubby and the kids to a mall in the city. We had a great time, of course. In the car, we were listening to playlists on spotify… mostly the kids’ pop music. Then hubby wanted to hear Stairway to Heaven. Then we fell down the rabbit hole and started playing the Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc. We ended with a variety of hair band stuff. Hubby and I were singing – loudly – and recalling great memories. We were transported to younger days and easier times. Music, sometimes, is magic.

My podcast obsession this week has been Lore (by Aaron Mahnke). Between my morning and afternoon commute, I get to binge about 6-7 episodes a day. If you love creepy stories and want to learn more about the historical events behind today’s folklore, check out Lore. It does not disappoint.

Friday night I did a food drive with the girl scouts. The girls dress in their Halloween costumes and go to local grocery stores to “trick or treat” for customers to donate food items. We also get a lot of people that just give us cash. We donate everything to the local food pantries. We do this every year and it is a wonderful program. I emphasize teaching the girls service to others and giving back to the community. Now, you put a large group of young girls together and add Halloween costumes and things get… chaotic. They have so much energy. And enthusiasm. I love it even if it is a bit… tiring.

This week I am thankful for time. Time with my family to just be goofy and enjoy life. Time in my car alone (even though I curse my commute often) to listen to music/stories that fill my brain and reenergize my soul. Time with my kids, molding and shaping them into good people who will grow up and do amazing things in this world. I know their young years will go lightening fast, I have to enjoy the time while I have it.

Join us at #DSFWeeklyRewind. This is a way for us to connect and rewind through our week (our “playlist,” if you will), reflect, and express gratitude. Connect with others at this week’s linkup. Everyone is welcome!



On the Run

Sunsets were bittersweet to Ana. They were beautiful, but they were also a harbinger of the darkness to come.

She had stopped at the pond to rest, maybe even to bathe. Her sore muscles begged for respite.

She froze as the hair stood up on her neck. Was it the cooling twilight air or was it because of him?

Yes, darkness was coming. In more ways than one. She could feel him. He was close. Always too close.

Ana wistfully picked up her sword and bag. She had to keep moving before the reds and purples overhead faded to black.

Word count 100


PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Happy weekend! This is written for the weekly flash fiction challenge, Friday Fictioneers. Check out the other 100-word gems of flash fiction here. Many thanks to our lovely host, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

#DSFWeeklyRewind… 10/22/17


Happy Sunday! I am again joining my friend, Tara, over at Daisy Smiley Face for her new linkup #DSFWeeklyRewind. This is a way for us to connect and rewind through our week (our “playlist,” if you will), reflect, and express gratitude. This week there is a linkup. Come join us!

Last weekend we went to Fall Fest at a rural Lutheran memorial grounds. We went last year, too, and fell in love with these doughnuts made by an Amish group. So we went again this year to get more Amish doughnuts. They also make a mean bowl of chicken and dumplings, which we also enjoyed. The weather was perfect. And when I say perfect I mean it. It was Midwestern autumn in all of it’s glory. We browsed the craft tables and my older daughter got a handheld acrobat toy (that has mesmerized me) and my younger daughter got a wooden gun that shoots rubber bands. I was so thankful for beautiful skies, warm temperatures, fun and family time.

On Tuesday, I had a work dinner at a trendy, upscale Italian restaurant. About 25 of my coworkers went. Now, I am neither trendy nor upscale and I have pretty significant social anxiety. So functions like this really throw me into a tizzy. I fretted all day about it. In the end, it went great. The food was amazing and the socializing wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I was thankful for good food, friendly coworkers, and a good job/department that paid for it all.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Dodgers eliminated that Chicago Cubs from the NLCS. And the Cubs didn’t just lose, they were spanked (11-1 Dodgers). The Dodgers won the series in just five games. I (and the rest of Cardinal Nation) am ecstatic. Thanks, Dodgers!

I finally caught up on my favorite podcast, Steal the Stars (by Mac Rogers). I binged it for several days. It is amazing. Great story and wonderful acting. Now I have to wait for the weekly episode. I think there are only a couple episodes left. I will be so sad when it is over.

The six month wait is over… The Walking Dead comes back tonight! I am so ready to catch up with Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Maggie, Carol and the gang. Even Negan.

Have a great week, everyone!

#DSFWeeklyRewind… 10/15/17


Hi, friends! We are trying something new this week. Instead of having coffee, I am joining my friend, Tara, over at Daisy Smiley Face for her new linkup #DSFWeeklyRewind. This is a way for us to connect and rewind through our week (our “playlist,” if you will), reflect, and express gratitude.

This has definitely been a week of “put that song on replay.” It started with my camping trip with the scouts. This was our largest group yet and we had many newbies. It was fabulous. I always love going there in the fall because of the weather and the colors. Last weekend did not disappoint. My normal life is full of traffic and cities, so getting away to country and nature can be a magical elixir. Something about a campfire fixes everything. I forget how beautiful the sky is until I am out  in the middle of nowhere and I see a symphony of stars… so many more than I can normally see in my neck of the woods. Of course, the trip was also great because we are growing strong girls. I love seeing young girls try new things, have new experiences, and build bonds with one another.


Monday was my 18th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe. I mean, time is funny with things like that. In ways, it seems like shorter (how can I be old enough to be married that long?!) and in other ways it seems like longer (it is hard to remember my life before). If our marriage were a person, that person would be a legal adult! Able to vote and everything (well, not drink. I’m not that old yet). Playlist: Grow Old With Me by Mary Chapin Carpenter (our wedding dance song).

The part of my week that I would “skip” would be (no surprise): work. Work has gotten busy again in an exhausting pull-my-hair-out kind of way. We are also preparing to move our offices on November 3rd. I need to start decluttering (I have a lot of junk I don’t want to move) and organizing (stuff is everywhere!).

*cue the upbeat, happy music* Highlight: a surprise package from a friend. My good friend, Violet, sent me a care package of Harvest Mix!! This is Cadbury mini eggs cleverly redesigned and repackaged for fall. Bravo, Cadbury! Violet is such a sweet and thoughtful friend.




  • I am thankful for nature. I am thankful for the way time slows down and means more when you take the time to slow down and do meaningful things. At camp, we exposed girls to new things (horse-riding, flag ceremonies, dutch oven cooking) and gave them some new memories (spider cabins). We felt the warmth of the fire and marveled at the starry sky.
  • I am thankful for purpose. In a chaotic world that I sometimes feel is losing it’s moral center, I am making a difference in the lives of young girls (including my two daughters).
  • I am thankful for love
  • I am thankful for friendship. I am so lucky to have caring, thoughtful friends in my life.
  • I am thankful for chocolate
  • I am thankful for the LA Dodgers, who beat the Chicago Cubs in game 1 of the NLCS last night. I’ll be even more thankful when the Cubs are eliminated.
  • I am thankful that there are only 7 days until the new season of The Walking Dead!!

So, head on over to #DSFWeeklyRewind to check out the deets and participate. Tell me about your week and what you are grateful for!

If We Were Having Coffee on the First Day of October…


Hello, October! It is nice to see you, my friend.

I adore October. It is my favorite month. My wedding anniversary is in October. I look forward to colorful leaves, falling leaves, crisp air, sweaters, jackets, boots, fire pits, hot chocolate, pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, homecomings… so much fun stuff in October.

Next weekend is our camping trip with the girl scouts. This will be our biggest group yet with about 20 girls and 11 moms. It is a busy weekend with horseback riding, activities, games, dutch oven cooking, and cleanup. But there is also much time for relaxing around the campfire and enjoying nature. I’m hoping to see some beautiful colors next weekend!

My St. Louis Cardinals’ season is officially over. No postseason play for us this year. It was a roller coaster season. We did keep the Milwaukee Brewers from making the playoffs so there’s that. Now I’m just looking forward to spring training.

Who is gearing up for NaNoWriMo next month? I have never participated and doubt I have the time but I flirt with the idea every year.

Thanks so much for having coffee with me this weekend. There is no linkup this time, Diana at parttimemonster.com has been our lovely host but has been on a bit of a hiatus. Until our next cup!