Let’s Think Positive!

Reasons why my day is going better than a trip to the dentist (AKA Let’s think positive!)…

Sunshine after days of gray and gloom. It’s still cold, though..

A relatively quiet work day so far after being stupid busy yesterday

Taco Tuesday

I’m making friends with my new-to-me car. It’s my husband’s car. I’ve started driving it in an effort to save money on my costly commute. It’s a hybrid. A Honda CRZ to be exact. It’s a bit like driving a tic tac box but it is red and zippy.

I have plans tonight and will conveniently miss the State of the Union address. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t watch that trainwreck even if my calendar was as empty as Trump’s brain. But at least I have a legitimate excuse to not tune in.

My plans tonight involve High School Information night for incoming freshmen. Yes, my almost-14-year-old daughter will be in high school in the fall. There will be registration packets and loads of information about curriculum, grading, graduation requirements, scholarships, transcripts, summer school, standardized testing, etc. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! I’ve already received her fall marching band schedule which has thrown a gigantic wrench into my weekend free time (what free time?) in September and October. And I just know I’m going to get roped into the Band Parents Association. I don’t think I’m ready for any of this. Wait… I think I feel a cavity coming on…


Written for Daily Prompt


Work in Progress

This is the wonderful business opportunity? You can’t be serious.” Arms crossed, Maria wrinkled her nose in disgust at the dilapidated building.

“I know she needs some TLC…,” Mike began, mind reeling with potential.

“Our car can fit through the gaping hole in the wall! And that terrace is a death trap!”

Mike used his charm. “I was in rough shape when you found me. You took a chance and that turned out okay, right?”

Her eyes softened. “I guess,” she joked, “but you’re still a work in progress.”

Mike patted the wall and whispered, “Let’s get you fixed up.”


Word count: 100

PHOTO CREDIT: Sandra Crook

Happy weekend! This is written for the weekly flash fiction challenge, Friday Fictioneers. Check out the other 100-word gems of flash fiction here. Many thanks to our lovely host, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

If We Were Having Coffee… 1/7/18



Forgive me dear readers and coffee friends, for I have sinned… it has been two months since my last blog post and three months since my last coffee share…

I have really missed you all! I’ve been taking a little break. It has been partly due to being busy. I mean, I’m always busy. We’re all busy, right? The holidays are a gigantic time suck. The break has also been partly self-imposed. Sometimes I just need the time and space to figuratively clean house and reevaluate things. I’m really glad to join you for coffee so that we can catch up.

Our family had a great Thanksgiving holiday. My brother-in-law and his wife and kids came to visit from South Carolina. It is always nice to spend time with them. Brother-in-law did some work around the house (my front door, refrigerator ice/water dispenser, and dishwasher are now in working order!). He also made some amazing food (he has culinary school training). Our kids also got to spend time together. All of my kids’ cousins live in South Carolina, so cousin time is limited and therefore very precious.

Our Christmas and New Year’s holidays were perfect: quiet, laid-back, and spent with close family. My kids got their wish-lists (mostly) filled and I was able to rest and relax. I think I overindulged on food a bit and now I need to get back on track with my exercise regimen (or, you know, establish an exercise regimen. Let’s be honest).

I was able to finish my board recertification the last week of November… a whole month early! I am now good for 5 years.

For my daily commute, I have immersed myself in the world of podcasts. I am obsessed with The Moth, which has re-ignited my love for storytelling.

Easter is three months away and Cadbury mini-eggs have hit the shelves. That means that I have already purchased (and eaten) some. I’m not sure my waistline can stand 3+ months of this chocolately goodness, but I am enjoying them! In other news, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in a little over 5 weeks. I can’t wait for spring!

NFL fans, how are playoffs going for you? Is your team still in it?

Off to read and catch up on everyone’s posts…

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