If We Were Having Coffee… 1/27/19


If we were having coffee on a lazy Sunday… I’d be a day late. I  know, it is Monday. I thought I would jump in for a quick cup, though.

This past weekend was snow-free (well, just a few light flurries), thank goodness. The two previous weekends saw accumulating snow, of which I am not a fan. We are supposed to get this Polar Vortex (or some such nonsense) this week, plunging us into the subzero temps… and that is all anyone is talking about.

We finally got our Christmas tree down this past weekend! I’ve been meaning to get around to it for a while but then I would procrastinate because it is a lot of work. And it was work getting the big bulbs replaced with plastic fillers, unplugging the sections, taking the sections apart, and cramming all sections back into the box. How come nothing ever goes back into the box they way it came out?? Anyway, it is done. And the furniture is back in place. Holidays are officially over.

I finally finished the first season of You on Netflix. *Shudder* So creepy.

I fantasized all weekend about buying a new house. See, there’s this house in my town that I really love. We actually looked at it when we were house-hunting seven years ago but bought our current house instead. Current house needs some work, and husband and I are in the process of looking at equity loans to do some remodeling. Well, dream home recently went up for sale again. And dream home is SO NICE, totally updated and modern and wonderful. Why not just buy it since it is move-in ready? Why bother hassling with loans and remodels? My husband talked me down from fantasy land, of course. Moving is really not in our best interest right now. But it is nice to dream.

My daughter is eligible for her driver’s permit in one month. Yikes. I really need to get to the DMV to get her a study book so she can pass the exam. Except getting to the DMV with my schedule is nearly impossible. Maybe I should send husband. Or maybe the book is online. Even better because if she can’t view it on her phone she probably won’t look at it. I’m kidding. Sort of.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

Drop in and have a cup with the other Weekly Coffee Share participants here. And many thanks to Eclectic Alli for hosting.

8 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… 1/27/19

  1. Your husband would hate me, because I’d tell you to buy that dream house. As a woman a (ahem) few years older, whose kids have grown and flown, I’ve learned not to let those things pass. Renovations are stressful and expensive. They NEVER go as planned. I’d tell you that I don’t usually drink coffee anymore (my son made me quick, after one too many coffee headaches), but that I’ve been in Israel for nearly 6 weeks–– to attend the birth of my 2nd grandson, and help my daughter out–– and I’m hooked again. I’m getting headaches when I skip a day, and I’ll have to switch back to wine when I get home. By the end of our coffee, you’d either be looking forward to another, or glad to get away… But this was a fun read; a sweet look into your life. It’s a life I was living not so long ago. I’d tell you: it goes fast.

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    1. It does go fast, right? Congratulations on your new grandson! Your daughter is so lucky to have you there to help out. I hear you on the renovations. I’m not expecting them to go smoothly. There are many things we love about our current home, though. I’m not looking forward to the actual reno work, but I know I will be happy with the end product when we are finished.

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      1. I should have added: we are currently building a house. So I really get this… it’s constantly something, and always changing! But I’m excited to see the finished product–– something we have dreamed of for so long.

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