If We Were Having Coffee…2/10/19


Welcome, friend! Our coffee date again finds us battling a cold, blustery morning. The roads were pretty icy this morning, my husband barely made it home from the night shift. Come in and let’s grab a warm beverage!

Our temps continue to bounce between 40’s and 50’s (F) and subarctic. Everyone has upper respiratory junkiness and I’m convinced the yo-yo weather is a big factor in that. We got an awful dose of freezing rain last night, though the temps should climb above freezing today and melt it away. It’s an all-too-familiar scenario, happening over and over the last couple of weeks. To say that I am OVER this winter is an understatement.

Our refrigerator died this week. It started with the freezer (we have a side-by-side). We noticed things weren’t quite frozen. But the refrigerator side seemed okay. So we bought a new one (and that was quite the unexpected expense!) and didn’t worry too much when the store told us it wouldn’t be delivered until this coming Wednesday. We’ll be okay for a week, we thought. Well, that very night the refrigerator side went out also (and yes my husband tinkered around with it to try and fix it, to no avail). Luckily, we aren’t home much and my parents down the street have a spare that we can use for essentials. But we still are going to have to throw out and replace a lot of food.  And of course, the new fridge is coming the day before we leave for our ski trip. Like I need anything else to stress about during an already-busy week!

In preparation for the ski trip, we put new tires on my car on Friday. One of my old tires had a little warp so it made this annoying noise. The new tires are fabulous and the car rides so quietly now. You know you are firmly in adulthood when things like new tires bring you so much joy!

My kids are super excited for the ski trip to Wisconsin. My older daughter has been there before. This will be the first time for my younger one. She has been talking non-stop about it for weeks. She’s been trying on her new gear (thank you, Amazon!) every night. I’m excited for her. We are taking a total of ten girls… eight high school Freshmen and two middle-schoolers. Wish me luck!

Before I run off to do laundry and check things off my pre-trip to-do list, tell me all about your week…

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PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala


This time was more somber than usual.

They did the same things, of course. The flag ceremony. Dutch oven cooking. Archery.

But then there were the “lasts.” Last trip to the stables to say goodbye to the horses. Last hike around the lake. Last trip to the outdoor chapel. Last campfire.

The girls gathered around the flames and reminisced about past trips. They laughed. And cried a little, too.

After the fire died out and cooled, they scooped the ashes into little jars. One last tangible souvenir of this magic place.

Their hearts would hold the memories for a lifetime.


Word count: 100

Written for Friday Fictioneers, which is hosted by the lovely and talented Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Read the other 100-word nuggets of flash fiction here.

Author’s note: So, this isn’t actually fiction. This is about a recent farewell trip to our nearest Girl Scout camp which was just closed and sold. I went there as a 12 year-old back in the 80s, my first week-long sleep-away camping trip. I’ve been taking my two girls’ troops there twice a year for years. My older troop has been there so many times and actually bridged to senior scouts there in that gorgeous outdoor chapel. That place holds so many memories. I’ve watched the girls grow and try new things there. They’ve gained confidence. They have bonded. Getting children into nature and getting them away from screens is so vital. And they thrive in that environment. The sale of the camp has been a months-long battle between us troop leaders and our council board. But in the end, it was all about money and not about our girls. I hate it and I’ve shed many tears over it… but in the end, we will move on and find new experiences for our girls. They deserve that.


Super Bowl Sunday in St. Louis – Status: It’s Complicated

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photo credit: Vox

Super Bowl LIII is only a few hours away.  Ever since the Rams won the NFC championship, the topic of the Super Bowl has been a complicated one for some fans in the St. Louis area.

When the Rams went from St. Louis to Los Angeles a couple of years ago, St. Louis was left without an NFL team. The parting was contentious, mostly because of the despicable team owner, Stan Kroenke. A vile human being, Kroenke has become the ultimate villain here in the Lou. He treated us like crap even though we supported the Rams financially and emotionally for years (even in those years when the team stunk). While the players all had wonderful things to say about St. Louis and the fans, Kroenke basically gave us the finger as he skipped on over to sunnier, richer Los Angeles. Kroenke is the worst of the worst.


Some football fans in St. Louis still root for the Rams. They were here for a long time and after all, the move wasn’t the players’ fault. Other football fans root for whomever plays the Rams, citing their intense hatred for Kroenke (and not wanting him to get a drop of glory or a cent of their money from merch, etc.).

Enter the New England Patriots. They aren’t loved in St. Louis either due to Super Bowl XXXVI when the Pats beat the Rams by cheating (allegedly). And well, Tom Brady isn’t exactly America’s Sweetheart.

What is the lesser of two evils?

I like Jared Goff over Brady and overall would rather see the Rams win than the Patriots. However, it will hurt my heart to see Kroenke celebrating if that happens.

Are you watching today? Who are you rooting for?