Deep in the recesses of the forgotten, she locked it away. Afraid it would escape, she buried it. Instead of starving and dying in the dark, it lived and grew. It existed despite her best efforts. It fought, scraping and clawing. Bloody and filthy, it broke through her obstacles. She could feel its poison consuming her. It didn’t just resurface, it ravaged.



Masks and camouflage
Smoke and mirrors
Distraction, deflection
Whatever you want to call it

Promises distorted but not broken
Technicalities, really.
Whatever keeps your conscience clean

Lies with good intention
So good you actually believe them
Yet they are still as sharp as the blade of malice

Your apathy is not a coat that you can hang on my shoulders
It does not fit
It does not keep me warm

I shed my pain like a hemorrhage
Your band-aid is a stopgap
But I bleed through

New dawn brings new light
I decide to bleed no more

photo credit: Paul Tomlin