Day 7: Give and Take

Today’s prompt: Write a post based on the contrast of two things – whether people, objects, emotions, places or something else. Today’s twist: Write your post in the form of a dialogue.


“Darling! Over here!”

Who was that? Were they talking to me? I looked at my husband to see if he had heard it too. He just kept walking through the mall, pulling my hand. I stopped and turned toward the voice.

And there she was. The most beautiful pair of black strappy three-inch heels that I had ever seen.

“Yes, you! Hello darling! Come over here.”

I took a step back toward the store window, pulling my poor husband along with me. A confused look crossed his face.

“You look like a sophisticated woman who could use a pair of heels. I bet you have a dress in your closet that would be perfect for me.”

I cocked my head. She was right. I did.

“Don’t listen to her. I know a runner when I see one. Come check me out.”

I turned my head toward the second voice to see a pair of running shoes. I definitely needed a new pair of running shoes. Mine were falling apart.

“Don’t be silly. Look at those legs. Add a short skirt and me and my three inches and she will look amazing.”

“And how do you think her legs got that way? She’s a runner. I can make her run farther and faster and therefore make her legs look even better.”

“Whatever. You will just get all sweaty and stinky.”

“And you are just going to make her feet hurt. I bet she couldn’t get through one evening wearing you.”

“Darling, what about Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome there next to you? I bet he would love to see you in a sexy dress and high heels. That would make for a fun evening, am I right?”

“Please. I can see that he put a ring on it so she obviously doesn’t need your help in that department. And besides, this is about her. Not him. I can make her feel better by contributing to her health and fitness.”

“Fitness, schmitness. She wants to look hot and I can help her with that. I can make her look so good all of her friends will be jealous.”

“Nothing will make her friends more jealous than losing weight or getting toned. Swimsuit season is right around the corner…”

“Um… sweetheart?” I felt a tug on my hand. My husband was giving me an odd look. Oh, yeah. He’s still here.

I turned back to the window and put my hand up, showing him my palm. “Shhhhhhh. The shoes.”

He rolled his eyes. “Okaaaaaaay. Well, when you’re done, I’ll be at the electronics store.”